Why do young men choose older women

Couples where the woman is older than her husband for ten, twenty, even thirty years, are now not uncommon. «He was only twenty six and she was already over forty. He is still quite young, recently received the second higher education, does not work. It — Mature woman was already married, one child — complains to the mother of 26 – year-old boy. — she has it all — a business of their own apartment. Now she wants to take my son! Says he will live with her like Christ in his bosom. But what is their future? Neither happiness nor children!».

Couples where the wife is older than her husband more than ten years, are now not uncommon. Increasingly, one can observe the following: here you go near a woman and a man — whether the mother and son, or just acquaintances? Come closer — but no, love! Go hand in hand, eyes glowing with love…

Someone such pairs is called ironic smile, someone — sympathy, someone looks after: «Quite mad!», «Nothing good will!», «they Have it for long!». And they did it. She was born just a little earlier, but it later…

According to statistics, official marriages, in which young men choose a life partner senior yourself ladies, and women prefer younger men, from year to year.

That you and me combined

Psychologists believe that the optimal difference between a man and a woman to happiness does not exist. It is all illusion. Is not particularly critical and the difference between the partners to seven years.

In society there is a stereotype that a woman should be younger than her husband. Now, however, age plays — thanks to curative treatments, cosmetics, fitness halls, a woman can stay young for years to come. In marriage, where the wife «older», the husband and his family need to be prepared for the fact that children may not be. But the family — it’s not only children. This is primarily a Union of two loving hearts. Of course, there are cases where women who are well over forty, copes with pregnancy and motherhood.

Some look for older woman for himself another «mommy», the latter appreciate sex with Mature lady

But when the difference between the spouses (women) crosses the mark of ten years or more, the strength of such a marriage must fight both husband and wife.

To reach such pairs can induce different behavioral models. There are many reasons why young people pay attention to older women. Someone can combine deep feelings, and someone to seduce condition. Some look for the older woman another «mommy», the latter appreciate sex with a Mature lady. Someone wants to enrich their own life experiences, and someone to find a reliable support in life. In each embodiment, a relationship which has advantages and disadvantages.

Another «mommy»

Very often on unequal marriages agree those who hadn’t survived or failed process «office» from the parents. For example, the guy spoiled the mother or, on the contrary, he did not live with mother or father, so looking for «mommy» (often a child), his caress, praise, and he will free himself from the responsibility of someone to do.

Often Mature women use it: find an approach to the man, see his strengths and weaknesses, can play the role of southcity. These ladies skillfully manipulated by the representatives of the stronger sex, allowing them to take a leadership position, to feel real men.

Young men go to bed with an older woman because of unrequited love with the same age

Although there is another option: in the arms of the young men woman pushes unmet maternal instinct. For example, the son grew up, became independent, and a woman looking for a younger partner, so as not to lose a mother.

Independence and experience

Very often older women attract men in their independence. The older a woman is, the more self-confident, interesting, erudite, she is not ashamed to appear in public. And since the majority of Mature women self, we will never put a man of some financial requirements, will not make a scandal for money, and will to assert themselves in the profession. Independent, confident, self-sufficient — exactly the kind of woman attracts young and inexperienced guys.

Sex for money and gift

Perhaps the main factor that attracts young men, is sex. Some young men go to bed with an older woman for money (these ladies fully contain them), others — because of unrequited love with the same age (failed first sexual intercourse or adultery are girls), the rest — because of the desire to learn sexual experience of an adult woman (it often happens that with older women young men become real men).

No special role is played by the difference between the partners to seven years

Men and women of the same age varies peaks of sexual activity. The woman reaches the peak of sexual maturity later men for 10-12 years. In addition, in terms of sexuality, men age much faster. But the women after forty know what they want in sex, ready for intense sex life that require attention and compliments, so they are more suitable young men.

Is there a future

To give a definite answer to this question is difficult, because there are examples where such relationships last a long time, and there are those that do not stand the test of time.

Greater role played by the parents (or husband, women) — they spread false rumors, if only the couple had separated. Sooner or later, may show the same difference in age. For example, a Mature woman can get bored of a relationship with a young man, she no longer likes to be home, to play the role of «mommy». Often these marriages end and due to the fact that the woman withdraws into himself, believing that is old and not worthy of this relationship, or young man, having lived with an older, find someone your own age.

Love covers all ages. If you understand both the man and the woman — the marriage will be happy and lasting. Do not worry, it is better to just enjoy every moment of life.

Advice to women who marry a younger men:

Do not neglect the advice of beauticians — a woman should always be beautiful and desirable. Assume that near young companion will become younger.

Clearly be aware of: whatever you do, do for yourself. Try to be beautiful, well-groomed not for him, but for themselves. And it’s your own happiness.

Harness your jealousy — this is the number one enemy of a relationship. Even if you are jealous, keep the insults out loud — just avoid the topic!

Never tell a man about his ailments, fears, forget once and for all, the phrase «I’m old, I don’t need, and I will definitely throw».

Not too take care of your partner, do not treat your husband like a child.

Try to avoid vertical hierarchical relationships: for example, mother — son, home — a subordinate, teacher — a student. Such relationships can have both only temporarily, but actually it’s a trap, because sooner or later the man«son» will Mature and will require a qualitatively different relationship.

Enjoy sex — it cures colds and images.

Enjoy the fact that your husband may be at first a child and then an equal partner. Probably he will never be for you husband-«father». This means that nobody will read your notation.

Don’t forget that you are younger than your husband, on the contrary, be proud of that like younger men.

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