What to do to fall asleep quickly day or night?

Problems arise either falling asleep because of various abnormalities, either because of violation of the mode of the day, rest and labor.

Rational eating and not sick people, leading an active and healthy lifestyle, rarely has trouble falling asleep.

Why can’t you sleep?

Fatigue . Fatigue has a twofold action. It is logical to assume that sleep should want more, but when severe stress, chronic stress, often offer a “second wind”. In my head swarming with thousands of thoughts, sleep once, but you go because it’s time, and sleep does not work.

Overexcitation . Good news, heavy dinner at night, physical activity before bedtime, nicotine and alcohol stimulate the nervous system. Children excites the viewer long bright cartoon, active play before bedtime or fun in the bathroom.

The external factors . Bright lights, strange noises, background in the form of TV, phone calls are distracting and do not give to relax.

Pain . Discomfort, discomfort, pain prevents sleep. You need to remove the pain attack is necessary, especially if it comes to a baby.

Health advice for a good sleep

Should establish the mode of his day: Wake up and go to bed at the same time, not making exceptions on the weekends. You should choose the best mode that allows you to sleep not only on holidays but also throughout the week. Overwork during the week and sleep in Saturday and Sunday is unacceptable.

Bedtime is useful to walk and to ventilate the bedroom. Oxygen will help you fall asleep faster.

Proper and timely diet will help to experience a night of hunger and does not suffer from overeating. Food eaten just before bedtime, will distract the body to digest, not to mention the discomfort of a full stomach.

Not worth it at bedtime to drink a lot, because in the supine position the kidneys are more active and crowded bladder sleep will be difficult. Better to drink shortly before bedtime tea with mint, lemon balm, chamomile. You probably need to drink the usual medication, so you won’t be disturbed.

It is useful to take a warm bath with soothing herbs, essential oils or douches. You can ask to make you a massage back and neck – it will improve the blood circulation of the brain to massage not had a tonic effect, it should perform slow deep strokes.

After the screening at bedtime to turn off the computer or TV. Try to turn off all the lights and draw the curtains in the bedroom.

Aromatherapy – available tool for establishing sleep. Buy essential oils at the pharmacy and fragrance lamp, use scented candles (sticks, which can fumigate the air) or just whiskey massage these oils. The calming effect of lavender oil, orange, mint, pine trees.

Breathing exercises are useful not only for sleep problems, her doctors recommend to do absolutely everything.

Drink vitamins. Vitamin deficiency can cause depression, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Choose comfortable pajamas to sleep, change of bed linen, bed or mattress if needed.

How to remove a migraine attack folk remedies can be found here .

Traditional medicine advised for good sleep these recipes:

At night you can drink warm water with honey or warm milk with cinnamon and honey. You can add 3 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar in 200 ml of honey, the mixture need to take 2 scoops before bed – works for half an hour;

Under the pillow, put a small bag full of lavender, oregano, fern, Laurel, pine needles, rose petals, mint, hazel;

If you have no diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it is useful at night to eat a whole onion;

You can drink infusions and decoctions of hop cones, Valerian root, motherwort herb, a mixture of dill and cumin in equal proportions;

Boil fennel seeds in wine (50 g of seeds in half a liter of Cahors wine or port wine boil for 30 minutes on low heat);

Will help you sleep tea from the peels of orange, Valerian and lemon balm.

It is important to have time to go to bed in time to catch that exact moment when you are ready to sleep. Don’t let spontaneously appeared cases you switch to another activity. Do not try to finish the Chapter of the book, watch the series, household things can wait. Missing this “window”, you will understand that sleep is “broken”, and sleep have to be hard.

How to help your child learn to fall asleep without any problems

The child should be on time and properly feed, not to perevozbujdenie to provide him throughout the day of healthy activity.

Children like consistency. Pick up under the child’s individual plan daily routines, rituals and strictly stick to it. If the child will be every day to Wake up, eat, walk, swim and listen to the tale at the same time by mode, sleep problems do not arise.

For active kids neurologists suggest that you bath with pine balsam (it is sold in pharmacies), drops of motherwort and Valerian, massages. If you walk every day does not work, it is necessary to ventilate the nursery and as often as possible to carry out wet cleaning. It would be ideal to install in a kid’s room purifier, humidifier. If there are no such devices, it will be enough to hang a wet gauze or towel.

The advice of psychologists: how to fall asleep quickly day or night

Restful sleep is impossible in the conditions of chronic fatigue, stress. You need to take care of your nervous system, to learn to relax and ward off problems. To help yourself, mastering meditation techniques, hypnosis, auditory training. To find the right words for you better than you no one can.

Sleep helps included for background “white” noise.

Don’t be afraid that you will not sleep. Let go of these thoughts.

Immerse yourself in the memories of the pleasant. Instead of reliving the stress of the day in a circle, you can dream about good or remember the times when you were happy and serene. Test from thoughts at bedtime only pleasant emotions.

Learn how to solve problems. You have too much stress from what you do not know how to manage your time? You scolds head, because you don’t like what you do? It’s time to change something in yourself and life, to make it more enjoyable and carefree. Take care of this afternoon.

It is useful to make a habit of thanking mentally before bedtime their loved ones, to remember what happened today that you thank the Universe or God. It teaches to focus on what is good, to see the positive in all circumstances.

Make a “trap again” and hang it over the bed. The issue is not the belief in its magical properties, and in the monotonous process of creative classes. To make the trap you will have one or a few nights, and reminisce about how it was doing – always.

You should not go to sleep after a falling out. Make peace in your loved one, please call my mother and ask for forgiveness, pity the child who accidentally raised his voice, treat the cat with something tasty. No one should feel hurt or shame.

To manage your sleep, you need to learn to manage your life. Discover time management, be in harmony with yourself, take time for problem solving, follow the regime, simplify your life, love yourself – and to fall asleep easier.

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