What to do if your child is left-handed

Many parents are anxious, when you will notice that their children do not write or draw with the right hand and the left, trying to relearn or even turn to doctors.

Parents can understand. Because left-handed isolated from the masses: unusual, as it is known, attracts attention. They in many cases look not with-concealed interest, and it is easy to imagine that such a person feels, forced life to feel unneeded, and sometimes not appropriate the attention of others to himself? But this is a grown man and a kid? Concerned parents often in the presence of the child discuss the evolving perspective, worrying about the child’s future. And from an early age he begins to feel the inferiority complex, trying to hide his left-handedness as goodness knows what sin.

What is handedness? Whether trying to retrain such a child? How is it different from the others?

The adult brain consists of the right and left hemispheres, each of which is not mirroring the other, and a necessary addition to another, as in one and in the other hemisphere are concentrated entirely different centres of human activity. For example, the left is responsible for speech and abstract thinking, right for musical and artistic creativity, creative thinking. With the dominance of the left hemisphere is tested happiness and enjoyment, with the dominance of right – fear and sadness. These differences can be continued without limit, but even the relative dominance of any of the hemispheres causes psychological characteristics of people.

Forming in utero development, fixed left-handedness in the course of age-related changes of the child. Jerks for turning one of the left hemispheres in children is the beginning of language acquisition and first realization of the child itself. Therefore, after the crisis of 3 years beginning to emerge and the differences between the “righties” and “lefties”, or “right-handed” and “left-handed” children. As “right-handedness” or “left-handedness” due to the fact that there is a decussation of nerve pathways extending from the extremities to the brain. Moreover, with the dominance of the left hemisphere leading, as a rule, is a right hand, with the dominance of the right hemisphere – left. In the third part of the people none of the hemispheres dominates.

Child – “right-brained” Lefty – much different from their peers and not only protracted obstinacy. This is usually a particularly artistically gifted and very emotional children. They are already three years much better than the other children draw and sculpt from clay or plasticine.

All mark music abilities “lefties”, they are not rare absolute pitch. But at the same time they are characterized by speech delay and difficulty in pronunciation of different sounds.

Such a child is easy, gullible, easily influenced by momentary feelings and moods, tearful, Moody and prone to rage and anger, persistent in the implementation of desires.

Him with great difficulty given reading and writing, the mastery of which at an early age is quite daunting, and in the first class may be a stumbling block.

In everyday life, “Lefty” will have a harder time than “right-handed”. Because most of the items that we use, are adapted “under the right hand” door handles, locks, screwdrivers, musical instruments, cars. Although for others and there is some discomfort, when a person operates more left hand than the right, by itself it has in the life of any value. As a rule, “Lefty” adjust very quickly and do not experience any difficulties.

The forcible transfer of left-handed children, and thereby forced a change in the current system of the brain tended to undesirable consequences. The child may become irritable, short-tempered, Moody, tearful, not sleeping, eating especially in the morning. In addition to violations of the emotional sphere, the training is often accompanied by other complications: stuttering, night not holding urine, skin diseases. There are complaints of headaches, fatigue in his right hand, fatigue and reduced efficiency.

Surrounding the left-handed child to adult is important in no way to emphasize this property, it is best not to take any attempts to change anything. Moreover, it should show what you consider left-handedness even the advantage. And if we, given these features, we will find the correct methods of education, all our problems will be solved.

A few tips on how to behave with left-handed child:

-Given the heightened emotionality and extreme sensibility such child, to be very responsive and friendly’ with him.

-To create a favourable climate for him in the family.

-Not to fight with him because of frequent obstinacy, stubborn antics to try to disguise any game.

-To take for granted feature of the child and not try to turn it into a “righty”, explaining everything and him that “left-handed” a lot of people and it is also a variation of normal.

-Praise for even the smallest successes and encouraged his artistic or musical talent, but not seek to “prepare” the child Prodigy.

– Try to do the little surprises.

– Not to make excessive demands to him and not to oppose it to other normal children.

– It is advisable to teach your child to school reading, writing, foreign languages, i.e., where waiting for him failures that reduce the level of self-esteem of the baby.

– To love him the way he is.

– If, after the age of five you will notice the child you do not understand the obsessive aspirations, concerns, refer immediately to the specialist.

To determine the dominant hand of the child, answer questions, and offer to execute child jobs:

1) Find out whether the child has close relatives with the leading with the left hand.

2) Remember that at the age of one year, which hand is more often used by the child (took the rattle, spoon, etc.).

3) Invite a child to comb my hair. In which hand he will take the comb?

4) Please note which hand the child holds a pencil or pen while drawing.

5) encourage your child to listen to watch. To ear what he’d hand them?

6) encourage your child to clap his hands so that one hand was on top. Please note that it is at hand.

7) Invite a child to cross your fingers in the lock. The big finger of a hand will fall from the top?

8) Ask them to cross his arms on his chest. The forearm what kind of hands will be at the top?

9) encourage your child to stamp one foot. What foot he stamped?

10) Sitting, put one foot to the other. What leg will be on top?

11) encourage your child to look through one eye in a paper tube. What is the eye?

Sometimes up to 3-5 years in children observed beeroaster when they use in games and in self-service both hands, not favouring any of them. This period also available a careful effort to teach your child right-handed actions, especially if the results of the above test revealed leading right eye. However, these attempts should proceed without any violence, dictatorship, shouts. If the child resists these attempts, they need to be stopped.

Especially the concern about the child’s left-handedness arises from parents before entering school. So at the age of 5-6 years conducted more detailed diagnosis of left-handedness. For the left-handed child, you should create certain conditions not only at home but also at school. Be sure to highlight such a child at the table, the Desk, the place on the left side, prevent it from colliding with the right elbow neighbor. At home, organizing a place to practice, perform lessons, you need to make the light from the window or the table lamp fell on the right side.

Require great sensitivity educational conversations with left-handed children. It is very important to explain to them the dangers of hesitation and masking of left-handedness. Should help overcome the child a sense of imaginary inferiority. This will help him examples of great, talented people who were left-handed, and their history very much. So left-handers were Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Charlie Chaplin and scientist physiologist I. Pavlov, the famous author of the explanatory dictionary of the Russian language by V. Dahl and many other talented people. And according to statistics, among the gifted left-handed people make up 20-25%.

Thus, parents should make every effort to prevent the occurrence in the life of the left-handed child an inferiority complex. Take it for what it is, and then left-handedness doesn’t turn into a problem!

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