What skills should a child in 2 years

So are you ready to celebrate its second anniversary. With which we congratulate you.

What can the kid in 2 years? What is its physical, emotional, cognitive development? To these and other questions we will give you the answers.


Emotional development of the child in 2 years

Cognitive development of the child in 2 years

Physical development of the child in two years

Household skills baby in 2 years

The playing skills of a child two years

– In the game consistently performs procedure: the doll undresses, bathes, wipes.

– In the game imitates everyday actions close adult.

– Building blocks familiar buildings (house, fence, bed, table).

– Plays around with peers of the same toys.

Recommendations to parents on the development and upbringing of the child 2nd year of life.

Expand the child’s vocabulary, gradually add in his speech adjectives and other parts of speech. Help him to construct sentences, correct his wrong speech, do not use when talking with him “baby” language. When communicating watch his speech, sounds, and pronounce words clearly, not Suzuka. Try to speak as simply as possible, and use a small easy words that a child can repeat.

Dealing with a toddler, say some times the right word, may he show at your request, that thing that you call, then ask him to spell the word. Answer when a child asks you a question.

Communicate with the child slowly, without fanfare. Keep in mind that it children develop differently. Someone starts talking earlier, someone later. It is noticed that girls start talking earlier than boys.

Pay attention to the development of fine motor skills of hands: experts believe that with the movement of the hands is particularly closely related to the formation of a baby’s speech. Classes should be done regularly, and not from time to time, they need to bring baby the joy and fun and take place in the form of a game.

Games and exercises for the child in 2 years

– roll in turns each finger pebbles, beads, marbles;

– index and middle fingers to “walk” on the table, first slowly, then rapidly; the exercise is done alternately left and right hand;

– drumming all the fingers of both hands on the table;

– to compress and decompress fists;

– to show only one finger – the index, then two (index and middle), then three, four and five;

– swing in the air by the fingers;

– clapping softly and loudly at a different pace;

– to collect all the fingers in a pinch (” fingers came together, and then ran”);

– folding matryoshka;

– paint finger paints;

– to stretch your fingers plasticine, clay;

– draw with a pencil.

Toys for the child in 2 years

Play with your child, encouraging him to develop the plot of the game. Be very vocal and expressive to bark and meow, croak and grunt. For games buy a variety of toys: dogs, dolls, pyramids, balls, toy cars, wind-up toys, simple construction material.

Learn to distinguish objects by color, shape, volume.

Encourage contact of the child with other children, his desire to share with them toys and sweets. Praise your child for his accomplishments, separate his happiness from the first success and independent action.

Create a home atmosphere of psychological comfort, promote the development of the little man’s sense of security, confidence, and security. Kindly and patiently treat the kid, let him know that you love him and care about him.

Don’t punish the child. Cruelty may be detrimental to his development. Children are punished, they themselves would be prone to aggression towards others. But teach your kid discipline. Set simple rules that he must abide. Do not ask him for something unreal.

Improve the walk of a child – teach him to walk on an inclined plane, to step over obstacles, climb over a log, etc. In the second half develop the ability to run.

Teach your child to avoid dangerous objects, protect it from injury, prevent the possibility of falling from height.

And last. Dear mom, remember that your child is not a machine, and the little man who had just got up on her feet and diligently trying to learn everything. Don’t rush it, because new skills are acquired gradually, not in one day.

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