Unconditional Love

Energy of Unconditional Love, sit down, close your eyes, hands on knees palms up and make the call:

“I call upon My Higher self ,my Spiritual Teachers and Mentors, a Higher Power of Light! And I beg You to Set Me on the Energy of Unconditional Love here and now, while I’m completely configured, for My Highest Good”

To enable the flow of energy, it is necessary to fold the hands together in front of chest, and say:

“Unconditional Love to Manifest Itself Through Me”

And direct energy through the hands and through the region of the heart, filling it with love, in the area of life that needs healing!

With regular use energy very much opens the heart chakra. The holiday feeling appears in Your soul. The energy can be sent intention (just thinking of the person, situation), and also through the palm chakras.

While You share the energy of Unconditional Love, You are fully protected   accident, from stealing, from attacks, from evil words. You seem enveloped in a glowing magical cloud that protects You from all forms of negativity. In an unpleasant situation can use this energy instead of frightened or irritated, call Unconditional Love. She now will eliminate fear and anger, not only in You but also in the surrounding people immediately charmonium the situation.

Constantly open heart chakra will make Your life easy and happy. All problems will be solved almost automatically. People will feel to You inexplicable sympathy, with the result that You forget what the “troubles”. Because according to the cosmic law “inside and outside”. – If You’ve got Love, and amidst the Love.

Send Unconditional Love for yourself and others not only for finding peace and joy, but also for the treatment. Because Unconditional Love has strong healing properties. As high frequency energy, it perfectly dissolves negative energy and blocks. Technique of treatment is very simple: contact session, remote session, desires, situations, relationships, etc.

The contact session. You put your hands on the problematic area or keep some distance from him. You can also do a full session with all provisions of arms, adopted in Reiki.

Remote session. Call the energy and think about the person (or about his illness, about his problem) for some time. Just don’t force yourself: if You “tired” to think, finish the session. Can, as some do, to put the image of a man between the palms – energy flows through the palm chakras.

Working with relations (situation). Call the energy and think about the relationship (of the situation). For example, if You are with someone not exactly succeed relationships, be sure to think of the person, including Unconditional Love, every day at least for several minutes. You do it will not be difficult, because Love will overwhelm You. It is very possible that after the first “session” Your enemy will forget all their claims and were – not knowing why – sympathy for You. Well, in the case of extreme hostility he, at least, will be indifferent to You.

Working with the past and the future. Call the energy and remember an unpleasant situation or disease in the past. Gradually, the past will begin to change for the better. If You are going to take the exam or go to talk to the boss or something associated with the future, call the energy and think about the situation, imagine that everything worked out well.

A creation of Love that You want

“It is very simple to do, and it works so perfectly that You will be surprised what is happening. Just follow the instructions, open Your heart and begin to radiate love, and then imagine what You want to create, envision it in your mind and feel it with your emotions as if You already possess it, and then just send in a picture of this huge amount of love. Repeat this every other day until it will manifest in Your physical reality. Some things will be just the next morning, the other will take more time, but when You get what you wanted, it will be more than expected, and, indeed, with love…”.

Unconditional Love can be sent to any living being, not asking his permission.

Encourage Unconditional Love as often as possible. Every time Your heart chakra will open up wider and wider. Your case will go better and better, You will just “drive” in all respects. Argue that person, the heart chakra is constantly wide open and gradually gets rid of all bad karma. The reincarnation circle it ends, because the new incarnation there is no need.

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