The winners of the drawing competition on the fence in Ship.

“You sustra district Korabelniy –

the edge of narechenih I sudnobudivnikiv.

You soustrot people cheerful,

Lawn of namadgi their beauty!”

The inscription on the fence

It’s time to sum up the results of drawing competition

“My native city of Nikolaev” (timed to the city Day, held between the schools of the Ship area .

Recall, each institution was given for creativity 8-10 slabs of concrete fence on “the stretch”. Plate guys got all sorts: smooth, ribbed, similar to a honeycomb.

Approach to the job at the school in the “artists” were also different. However, each of them had a concept, select a specific theme.

Remember the guys in his drawings and the enterprise area of cultural, historical and sports facilities, and just dreamed, drawing the city of the future.

Tried to connect to the skill of imagination — some less, some more. To understand what “tell” certain drawings, journalist  sometimes it was necessary to consult with representatives of schools.

So, for example, 11th graders from school No. 48 on several plates at once depicted eternally relevant, in their opinion, the theme of struggle between good and evil .

Captain blue sword in his hand symbolizes good, and the green sea monster — accordingly, evil, trying to absorb our city. The ship is our city of shipbuilders: sails dissolved, and Nikolaev, overcoming all obstacles, racing at full sail for a peaceful beautiful bright future!

In an effort to make the Ship area brighter not only the students of all schools luciles in motion, but some parents are unable to sit at home. So, the paintings, which had been worked by the representatives of the school №43 . the journalist met Bannikova by Natalie – mum of 3 girls, two of whom, Mary, and Alexander is a student at this school.

Natalia at the beginning of the competition we found in full gear artist style graffiti: set ease of vandal spray removing spray, sketch, protection of the upper respiratory tract.

“The younger generation is our pride. In addition, our school carries gohde the name of heroes-olshanets, we and our children remember the feat of heroes-paratroopers. One of our drawings is a symbol of the younger generation . which can often be seen in the headphones, appreciate modern technology, but. that generation, which, fortunately, is not mired in their own interests, and remembers, honors and appreciates the history of the past years and is always aware of all the events. “- said Natalia Bannikova . (Later, as we see, the symbol of modernity was replaced by the symbol of nationality – ed.)

From the creators of school №49 . in addition to paintings, “published” on the fence poetry . dedicated to the native area. Among them are “white”, but in every – felt – invested part of the soul:

As reported . On 11 September the jury of the regional competition for the best picture “My native city of Nikolaev” among secondary schools in the district selected the winners .

The jury included: head of children’s library №8 Inna Skvortsova ; Deputy Director on educational work of school №43 Tatiana Danilova ; the Deputy head of administration of the Ship area Tatyana Kobylyanska ; spokesman for the port “nick-Tera” Julia Matveev ; chief specialist of Department on Affairs of family, youth, culture and sports of administration of the region Yuliya Potapova, head of the organizational Department of the Ship district administration Olga Popova .

The drawings were evaluated according to the following criteria:

– Originality;

– Content, creative approach to the topic;

– Color scheme.

– Take into account how the guys stuck to the theme of the competition . – said Olga Popova . – This contest is held for a second time (5 years ago already spent). It’s nice that many approached the task creatively and with imagination.

Sure, our readers are already burning with impatience – Who won? And in this lies the main plot: the award ceremony will take place at the district festival on the occasion of the city Day of Nikolaev in the evening on 13 September on the square in the Business Center “Metalurg South” (Oktyabrsky Ave., 321). Come and learn all about it!

And while we offer you to enjoy watching all the creatures on the fence (where we immediately see, which school is the author of pictures), because, as they say, better to see once, than hundred times to hear:

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