The education of the child without punishment

Raising a child is a complicated matter. You are convinced of all young parents who dreamed of an obedient child. Kids don’t listen, yells, runs away. What to do? How to raise a child properly? What is the secret of raising a child without punishment – happy little man?

How parents not to sacrifice your life and not to give up their own interests? How to raise the child on his feet, not at the expense of yourself and your life plans? How to educate and not to spoil? Where is the boundary between parental love and acquiescence, connivance? As no punishment to get the son or daughter of obedience? These nuances of raising a child in childhood, the rules of communication with preschool children and school children we now discuss.

The secrets of proper upbringing of children by parents without punishment and scream

1. Install leadership

In the relationship between mother and child should not be ambiguity. Clearly the leader in the relationship with the child should be the mother . and the child – slave and reaching for his mother – and not Vice versa!

If the vast majority of cases, the baby is 3-4 years impose their desires parents, he is spoilt . And before it’s too late, parents should try to correct this situation.

It only desires a newborn baby needs udovlyatvoryatsya almost instantly and at the first peep. And the child of 3-4 years should know that sometimes parents can go to meet him, but he often has to adjust to parental desires and mood, rather than Vice versa.

If the balance in the relationship between mother and child was made at an early age 1.5-2 years, then in principle the punishment as a method of education would be superfluous – it simply is not necessary.

2. Setting the bounds of what is permitted and prohibited behavior

With the proper education of the child’s parents have set clear boundaries of behaviour. Thus, the child clarifies once and for all, how and how not to behave.

Consistency is the main principle that must be followed by mothers and fathers, wanting to raise a child without spanking strap and other questionable methods to “reach out” to Chad.

If yesterday it was impossible to chew fingers, today, and tomorrow too, it will be impossible to do it. Otherwise your son or daughter will be baffled, confused and will start to act up on purpose.

Installation prohibitions (“borders”) makes life easier for baby and their cancellation at the time only complicates things and confuses him.

Be consistent and set boundaries of behavior child: he’s a family member, like You, like Your husband, and therefore has its own rights and duties, possibilities and limitations in communicating with parents, You.

How to understand what behavior is acceptable and what is not? Where and when to draw the line?

Here we must focus on your personal comfort.

If the child’s behavior You dislike (for example, little fingers mom climbs in your mouth and all on the inside to touch), delivers physical or psychological discomfort, it is necessary to restrict (prohibit).

But do not yell “no.” with a wry face, and distract the child, to explain to him that no need to do so – unpleasant mother, she’s afraid, it’s dangerous.

3. To raise a child needs rules

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