When we decided to have a family get together at a lodge about 90 minutes away, we had to hurry and make sure arrangements were made since so many people were going to be there. We reserved one half of the lodge, which normally holds around 100 people. We had to decide how to get there too, which is when I suggested that we rent a Platinum party bus in Toronto. I have been on them a few times, and they are always so much fun. I knew that we could have all driven to the lodge, but I was against that for a few reasons.

The main one is because this was the dead of winter. Sure, the roads could have been clear, but chances are they wouldn’t be. I sure didn’t want to drive that far on a snowy road in bad weather conditions, and I knew that a lot of the others would not want to either. The other reasons were because it would just be more fun to be together. It didn’t matter that we would all be together at the lodge for the entire weekend. I would rather be together on the way there and the way back too.

Most of us do drink a bit, so it was exciting to think that we could all have a few toasts on the way there. This was to be the first time that we were doing something like this, and it just made sense to start the party sooner rather than later. Having a professional driver drive us there just made sense. We would not need designated drivers or put up with a lot of traffic. We would not have to worry about anything since we would be too busy having fun. I am just glad everyone else agreed with me on this idea of a party bus!