Principles of raising children

Children are flowers of our planet. And as each flower requires care and certain circumstances for normal growth and our children need a proper education. Personally, I share this point of view: better parents, no one knows their child better. But still, the collected data in this article will be useful for both experienced parents and future parents. The received data is built on a social survey on the experience of many people who have children.

Factors that affect the child’s upbringing

The child affects the entire world. And we as parents are constantly trying to protect the child from negative influences and to instill in him good morals. But in life there are things that people will sooner or later face: hatred, malice, deceit, lies, betrayal, bad habits, loss… Parents can’t protect from everything, but their purpose in this is not. Mom and dad should raise the child. That is, to teach him and prepare everything with which the child can experience.

Just want to note that a lot of factors, but we will examine only two of them. Let’s start!

Family relationships

The family is neotjemlimaja part of raising children. Families are different, but it’s not about how many members in the family, and what the relationship between them. A very important family atmosphere. The child begins in the womb to feel this atmosphere. And this factor is undeniable impact on his worldview and behavior.

Family always should be ruled by love and understanding. Relationships between family members are role models for children. The most common problem in families – all looking at. No one wants to admit they were wrong. But remember, even if you are 120% sure you are right, better weigh the consequences and make the right decision. Usually in such situations, the confrontation between the two views leads to a quarrel and pumped conditions in the family. If the question in dispute is not of vital importance, then it is better to yield and do not start a quarrel. Of course, there are rules. That is, the child until adolescence should not be allowed to argue with you. It can and will disagree on many things, but you have to peacefully come to an agreement. You’re a parent, you are responsible for your child, so the last word belongs to you. Not all issues can be resolved peacefully and no offense, but they can be the most correct methods.

We parents talk to their children how to live properly and it’s definitely very good! But it would be very good if we will show the example of his life.

Family warmth, kindness, understanding, caring, love is all dramatically affect a child’s upbringing . Here you can read about the nature of family relationships.

The process of education

From the above-disclosed issues can be traced to one idea: the process of education of the child begins before birth and with age, the nature of this process varies. Best of all, when basically the education of children takes part the mother and father. But if we consider this process extensively, we see that our children are brought up by many people, even those whom we know not. The nature of the child we don’t change, but his position in life and the values we need to instill in yourself or it will make someone instead of us. And not always it will be a good education. So who is raising our children? This is an easy question to answer – all the people encountered by the child, TV, computer. A very large part of nurturing takes on kindergarten, school and friends. But even if the child spends more time at school and with your friends, you parents, don’t be disheartened. Good and necessary things the child can be taught in a few hours spent with him or minutes. But you must find the time and though tired from the working day, try to give the child time to listen to it. The more time you spend with your children, the more authoritative and more powerful you become to them. If the TV has limited information, the computer with home Internet is the flow of information. The child will, of course, many interesting things. He can see good and bad, the main thing that would understand where is good and where is bad and how to do it. The process of education is daunting, but the most important is to find time for the baby!

Basic principles of parenting

In addition to material benefits, the child needs your love, sincerity and warmth. Show these values in the relationship is the child will be much plainer than any words.

If many issues of parenting you use force, then the child has formulated such a thought: it’s possible to achieve by force!

Surely you desire not to lose the confidence of your children, then always try to perform the promise or don’t promise what can’t do.

Every child there are bad things. You don’t have to punish him because of it. Talk to him and assess his act. The child must understand that you not criticize him and what he did. If you criticize the kids, they’ll learn their lesson condemnation. Even if the child makes many mistakes, try to support him and to encourage him to not lose confidence.

Try not to make comments in the presence of someone, or do it quietly for the rest. Because the child may feel humiliated.

You must do whatever is necessary, that the child had always felt a part of your family. He felt that is important to you and need you.

Observe the child’s environment. You understand that hostility breeds hostility, ridicule – restraint, civility, respect, praise, gratitude, tolerance teaches patience, kindness inspires confidence, honesty, justice, friendship and good will show your child love in this difficult world.

Principles of education of children is not complicated, but complex in execution. We talked about parenting. But there is something that is inevitable for you, the parents. Children also bring us. They force us to be more tolerant, more loving, wiser, smarter, kinder, more cultured… Children – this is happiness! Take care of your happiness!

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