I was thinking of different ways we could have transportation for my wedding. My fiance has a really nice car that we could ride in, but I wanted something more special. I thought about renting some classic cars, but I was not able to find anything close to where we are getting married. I considered a limo, but we would need to have three of them to transport just the bridal party and families. When I saw an advertisement for a Platinum party bus in Toronto, I knew that was what I wanted.

I went to the site to look at the different buses in their fleet, and they have ones that will carry as few as 20 people or as many as 50. I knew that we would need the biggest one, because there are just a lot of people involved in our wedding. Most of the guests can go from the church to the reception venue in their cars, but I wanted everyone who is going to be involved in the pictures to be together. I want pictures at my parent’s house because her gardens are absolutely beautiful.

I also want pictures taken at the park where my fiance proposed to me. I know that I should choose one or the other, but both places have such special meaning to me. Since it is my special day, I am doing what I want. The bus that carries 50 people is perfect, and I know that we will all have a lot of fun on there too. It will be our first ride as husband and wife, and that should involve something very special. I don’t know it can be any more special than having everyone we love with us on a very luxurious ride. I cannot wait til that day gets here now!