Mom, Dad, I’m

Summer, sun, green grass – all this and pulls on a walk, so dad, mom, grandparents take children and grandchildren and go for a walk. What could be better on a fine spring day and fresh air? And if you can still get a remarkable book?

Country Mom jointly with the publishing house Eksmo offers to participate in the contest “Mom, dad, I” and get in gift sets of three wonderful books. What do I need? just a place on any page of the contest up to three photos which will be a child with one or both parents (or grandmother, grandfather).

3 winners will receive the following sets of books from the publishing house Eksmo:

One of the books will be the new publishing house called “Educational shock”, the authors Bronson, Ashley Merryman. This book is a well-known American journalists turned many traditional views about the upbringing of children, their socialization and dealing with them. “Educational shock” brought the author international fame.

Millions of parents in different countries, after reading the book, it is admitted that many mistakes can be avoided if we move away from imposed patterns.

The book will help readers to avoid many problems and become better parents, better children.

The book, which turned many of the classical conception of education!

Millions of parents around the world now agree with its authors and know:

-Why not always useful to follow parental instincts

-Why, fervently praising children, we are undermining their self-confidence

-Why teaching children to be honest, we actually teach them to lie

-Why training video for toddlers ineffective

-Why study in the best school does not guarantee continued success

-Why do not need to deal with the consequences of teenage rebellion

The second book is “Think like a child, act like one. How to learn to understand your child”.

The authors of this book are experienced psychologists who constantly have to listen to the complaints of the parents, and around the world. One conducted research abroad: in the USA, France, Italy, Poland, and the other is raising three children – one smaller than the other. So what you have in your hands the world’s first complaints book for kids written by parents and psychologists. Here are presented only the first 15 of the complaint, taken at random (even 10487 waiting in the wings). You will learn what to do if your child: doesn’t listen and does things “out of spite” casually refer to things, throwing tantrums, does not want to learn, not detached from the computer, you cannot build relationships with peers, etc. the Authors cite many examples from his practice, give clear recommendations for different situations. Every situation is illustrated with funny comics.

And the third book is “Children learn from life”. Children are like sponges. They absorb everything that surrounds them, whether we like it or not. And from us, the parents, depends largely on what and how they learn. Therefore, to begin the education we need… with yourself. “If life is full of criticism, children learn to condemn… If life always shames, children learn to be at fault… If life honest and open, children learn the truth… If life takes them as-is, children learn to love”. Since the publication of the poem by Dorothy law Nolte, “Children learn from life” in 1954 it was known and loved by millions of parents worldwide. And this book is based.

Dorothy law Nolte, co-author with Rachel Harris offers us a simple, but effective guide to raising children and interacting with them. She in turn takes each line of my poem and shows (through the experiences and concrete examples) how to implement in daily activities idea which it contains. Simple and easy to understand language, the authors skillfully explain how to be less critical and more tolerant, less judgemental and more take, less shaming and more cheer, to show less hostility and more friendliness to children. Because the only way we can raise them to be good, successful and happy adults.

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