Morning is the most difficult and challenging for the child. For each it is different. One child wakes up with pleasure, and parting with sleep

occurs instantly. Another long time can not Wake up. It is important

take into account the peculiarities of the physiological development of children.

You are full of worries about the coming day. Time inexorably dictates the tempo of conduct:

make Breakfast, clean up, talk, to remind you in time for

work – a thousand little things, conflicts, expectations. In this kaleidoscope Affairs and

dependencies – your child. To Wake, feed, look after

clothes, to send to school. You almost don’t realize their actions: all

long moved into a skill, a habit. What kind of habits? Did

your child involved in cooking Breakfast? Helped to clear the table? In

what kind of mood he goes to school? What was your reaction to your

last comment? What are your thoughts as you go to work?

Morning or charges you light spirituality, or ukrepliaet you in secret bitterness of resentment, a poignant question, a slight pain.

All families can be divided into three types: perfect – morning brings happiness,

the joy of hope; mid – morning in General not disappointed, everything was

course and each performs duties divided between members

family; scandalously razkazi-ed this morning is filled with explicit

or secret hostility.

The ideal model. You Wake up from a light touch of your child. He says:

“It’s time, mom. I turned on the kettle. Breakfast is on the table… today I got up, as we

agreed, early – preparing for the control… At Breakfast father

talks about the coming day… Grandma: “slippery Today – you don’t go in

The average model. First got grandmother. A cooked Breakfast. Stood the mother, the iron. Stroking

pants her husband and son. Wakes father. The father washes his face. Eats one out

silently. Mother wakes son: “it’s Time”. Son: “Even a drop”. Mother negotiates with

grandmother something, a little quarrel. Grandson gets up, washes his face. Silently

has Breakfast. Out.

Negative model (scandalous variant: antipathy, anger, misunderstandings).

Half an hour is in the process of awakening. Grandma may not Wake grandson. “What is this

this? – outraged mother. – How long it will last!” –”

sick to my stomach,” says the son. “You lie!” – screaming mother. Threats.

Persuasion. The child does not want to go to school. “I’m not hungry!” “This shirt I

not wear!” Threw things and ran away. Slamming the door…

There is not such a child that he wouldn’t Wake up with joy, if

knew that morning it’s waiting for something pleasant, desirable. The joy of sets

man for friendly relationship, encourages active labor

deeper learning, fosters confidence in their

forces. There is no such child, which would be your favorite things,

classes, gives him joy. And happiness of your child and

is this wonderful property to enjoy and have fun

made from them. Use this is the greatest ability!

Prepare your child carefully to ensure that the coming day was to

full of joyful expectation. And then he wakes up. Himself, without

reminders to wash up. You’ll be eating. And, perhaps for the first time will be removed from

table. The source of joy sometimes lurks not only in the work but also in

the fellowship, which carries the work or any activity. It is important that

the joy or success of the child were seen. This creates an atmosphere

confidence and relaxedness. Creates the necessary microclimate in the family.

“Labor force – pleasure – labor force” – that is the formula that can lead to educational success. The pleasure achieved by the labour force, generates the need. If

the child gets pleasure from the fact that he got up as usual

the alarm clock (it’s his conation), it is necessary to do so, he himself

it was nice to wash up, get dressed, make the bed, etc. Any

the emerging need is always associated with the need to communicate with

another person. One girl couldn’t stand those days when anybody in

the house was sick. These days she avoided the possibility come home early.

The idea to help, not interested to spend time frightened her. The need for

perform various duties around the house should be mediated

the need to bring joy to loved ones. Love for people is one of the highest

values. Remember: the child is always in dire need to communicate with you.

I need to get him some point realize not only the need

needs, but also the possibility of loss, the possibility of losing the location

parents, communicate with them easily and freely. Negative properties

children’s nature are usually the result of improper

relationships in the family. Child to listen to you, it is necessary that you

respected, not just feared. The feeling of respect which are stronger than fear

punishment. The need to communicate the child is inextricably linked with the need for affection.

If the child felt your coldness, he is nervous, rude, not

find a place for himself. This is a peculiar requirement of heat. The child is looking for

touch of good looks, caresses. Be generous in affection. Only

kindness and your warmth can melt the cold alienation,

which have arisen in your relationship. Remember that your hands have

magical powers, sometimes much greater, than the word, long conversations,

gift. The child subconsciously distinguish light touch of the mother,

manly tenderness of fatherly handshake, a friendly Pat

on the shoulder… Child perceives the world feeling. Sensations in some cases

tell him far more than the word. If possible

avoid words and to Express their attitude gesture, movement,

touch – do it more safely and more often. You go out for a walk:

correct child’s hair. You read a book, you touch his shoulders.

If your child wants to snuggle up to you or to measure the strength with the father, not

push him away. Hug: let him feel the strength and warmth of your

body. Such contacts give rise to a sense of security, peace, and

relaxed of freedom.

If you aim to achieve, that the child would get up in the morning and ran

your bed, you think about how to set the right child

relationships, teach him to properly respond to your comments,

to instill a sense of confidence, foster a sense of responsibility


Morning is the most difficult and challenging for the child. For each it is different. One

baby wakes up with pleasure, and parting with sleep occurs

instantly. Another long time can not Wake up. It is important to consider

features of physiological development of children. The morning is always hope. Always an expectation of joy. Say a kind word. Smile and never shout. When

you pluck the cry, you destroy all the results of your upbringing.

Yelling at the child and disgusting and humiliating, and most importantly, apart from the cry

trouble nothing happens. Born the basis for hostility, which can

lead to rupture of forever. The Creek is not worthy of man. It creates

the visibility of relief, the illusory nature of the solution. He attractive.

This is the most simple and primitive form requirements. The scream begins

insane power, and it does not imply severity. Makarenko said: “I

under strict not understand some anger or some

the hysterical cry. Rigor is only good when it has no

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