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The child says that running around in the yard naked man, and I don’t believe, what to do

The child is lying (10, boy) don’t even recognize their guilt. How do I teach him to lie?

The child is lying that he has a teacher. The parents believe the child what to do caregiver?

If the child is lying, is it worth it to be angry?

How to wean your child from lying?

Your child must believe. And some children don’t have to walk.

Yes. But in Russia we have a unique bring – such is not found anywhere else !

Come on let this naked moron goes there, but if he will do some harm to your child or if you say something offensive, then catch a naked moron and call the police station or needy at him, say what if next time he tell your child that you are his own hands strangle, and next time he will walk your child over a kilometre

Why not believe the child? Exhibitionism is a very common phenomenon. The victims of exhibitionism often be children, usually girls, aged about 10 years. Naturally, as any person who commits illegal actions, such a person is wary and surprised him hard.What to do? One solution – encourage your child to play on the area you are viewing, and not in the bushes or doorways.

but I’d believe it

We had the same situation. You only do not scold the child, because everything he says can be true (little did dirtbags in the world). We rescued grandmothers sitting on the bench at home. Our children always ran to him, seeing it is left. Cape husband was trying to track down, but we failed too. This is sick people.

I think you need to go for a walk with the child, and if there really is this crazy naked, to inform in a mental hospital or to the police. I would be afraid my child be left unattended. This may affect the child’s mind.

probably already ran away, and the child to ask for more ( anything can happen).

And maybe this really is an exhibitionist. They hide behind his Cape, and then open it in front of the audience get an orgasm. Let your child stay home

Yeah nothing else to do. Maybe the kid really comes up with all this. But if some psycho and runs around naked, then someone will see it and call it where you want.

Why would a child lie? Come out you never know who could be drunk as hell of the holidays though.

what if the truth is some sort of moron?

explain to your child that naked man no))

The child says that running around in the yard naked man, and I don’t believe, what to do. Scorll came to the yard, and googamooga no, perhaps the child is lying. Fantasy was played out. How can I be? I decided not to go out when he will again say that a naked man in the bushes, etc. any suggestions?

Also start to lie. ‘ll buy you a toy, then do not buy already lied, he will understand that it is bad.Good luck and understanding with the kids!

In 10 years too late.Lie will, until one of the others horoshen not snag.

people say kids who lie, IQ above. talk to him if he wants to lie, let it lie, but so that nobody seemed to notice, and if not (mind is not enough))), may not be put to shame..

If your boy flogged, and even better to promise him something very attractive and not to give, to say that I lied, you’re allowed to lie, that’s me too. Let yourself procustom ( promise fancy phone and don’t buy )But if the boy is not yours, then fuck it, prison is going to fix it.

to talk to explain but usually lies not disappear

Lie to him too! can understand that it hurts others! promise to go where he wants and not go!

or maybe he’s just fantasizing? try to talk to find out the causes. in this case, saved only by trusting communication

But I now think that it is useless.I have almost seven years old son.What not – avail all.

And to whom is he lying? If parents, then he’s just afraid that he will be scolded, disappointed in him, so he sees no other option than to lie. You need to prove to him that parents are the closest people, they always listen and understand, give you the right advice. Need to prove to the child. what parents makes no sense to lie and that they love him and understand!

Perhaps, you should talk with the child? The reasons for lying are different. For example, the mother sees a bruise in a child asks where, and the child doesn’t say it’s his grandpa drunk a “reserve”, because it knows there will be a scandal.Well, it only works on the caregiver.If a child does that mean it is profitable. So, without that he is uncomfortable. He solves his problem. It is important to understand – what.Possible, it is rarely regret caress parents, but lie – I will begin to comfort.Maybe he doesn’t like kindergarten, not the caregiver.Maybe he doesn’t want to be forced to eat a casserole.Talk to the child, not the parents.

Most likely the negativity comes from the parents. The child may draw the attention of the caregiver, the parents. Can a caregiver, something is not allowing the child, the child begins to manipulate adults. He knows that parents don’t trust the caregiver, speak it aloud at home, a child, hearing this, begins to use. If not a psychologist, it is necessary to talk with the child in the presence of another adult. Use the conversation tale about the deception: for example, “Bone”. Some children perceive even raised his hand up like a blow, therefore, say that he was hit. I agree with Vika parents need to tell a couple of events of their family life mixed with lies and thereby catch a liar.

Such situations need to understand the psychologist in the kindergarten. But if it is not. then it is better not to refer the matter to the court head. There must be work only with the parents! They allow you to lie to the child. You need to give examples of parents in which the child tells some juicy details of their family life, which is unlikely, what can be true 🙂 Fight on! In the garden are the hardest to work with parents – that’s for sure.

to kick the child out of kids garden: teachers there is a shortage, it is better not to throw them

try to find the reason for such lies

Professional educator does not create such conflicts. But if their parents create – forward – to another group or kindergarten. You don’t need to make excuses. The burden of proof lies with the relevant bodies. Talk – Yes. Without nerves.

This usually happens when parents are not too friendly to vospitatelyam,interrogate the child with passion,of manipulation and they always know what is expected of them

Children it happens.

if the child is not very small( 5 and &qt;&qt;), you need to try to find the cause. they are at this age is very cunning.

My little nephew (3 years), he also for some reason sometimes lying that his stabs grandmother. And we can’t understand how he could write something, no one ever hit. His scold..

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