Principles of raising children

Children are flowers of our planet. And as each flower requires care and certain circumstances for normal growth and our children need a proper education. Personally, I share this point of view: better parents, no one knows their child better. But still, the collected data in this article will be useful for both experienced parents and future parents. The received data is built on a social survey on the experience of many people who have children.

Factors that affect the child’s upbringing

The child affects the entire world. And we as parents are constantly trying to protect the child from negative influences and to instill in him good morals. But in life there are things that people will sooner or later face: hatred, malice, deceit, lies, betrayal, bad habits, loss… Parents can’t protect from everything, but their purpose in this is not. Mom and dad should raise the child. That is, to teach him and prepare everything with which the child can experience.

Just want to note that a lot of factors, but we will examine only two of them. Let’s start!

Family relationships

The family is neotjemlimaja part of raising children. Families are different, but it’s not about how many members in the family, and what the relationship between them. A very important family atmosphere. The child begins in the womb to feel this atmosphere. And this Continue reading

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