If a child steals

Child stealing, this is not a rare phenomenon. Sometimes parents come to panic, knowing that their sweet child – stealing. Why is this happening?

Child stealing, this is not a rare phenomenon. Sometimes parents come to panic, knowing that their sweet child – stealing. Why is this happening? There are several opinions of psychologists on the causes of theft, we offer our readers, in the hope that after reading, You will try to intelligently address the problem.

Often the theft of a child caused by a strong desire to have some thing, in his opinion absolutely not available to him. He decides to steal it, because he sees no alternative ways to get it. Flush with this problem is another reason theft is an attempt to attract the attention of parents. Yes, it happens sometimes! Child «signals» the negative acts that he lacks the worries moms and dads, and parental indifference is much more painful for him than the punishment for theft and other bad things. This happens in families where parents have a misunderstanding of the needs of children, due to lack of teaching experience and worldly wisdom or just a lack of communication with the child. In this case it is necessary to understand the needs of their child and to tactfully explain to him why he can’t always Continue reading

76 recipes appropriate communication with your child.

Dear readers – moms and dads, grandparents, caregivers and psychologists, teachers and babysitters!

It’s unlikely you’ll disagree with me if I say that our children every day offer us the kind of situation that is very, very difficult to deal with. But to leave the decision for later, too it is impossible: too much depends on our actions in these situations the future of our children. The future in the sense of whether they will be confident and adequately consider themselves as adults or will be a lifetime to overcome our complexes, obtained in childhood are not without our help.

So we bring you back to long ago, student practice, refer to the cheat sheet as an effective aid in emergency situations. We have selected 85 of the most common situations and suggested to them 85 variants of a possible way out of these situations. We don’t want to say that these options is the ONLY way out, but are convinced that solving the situation in this way, we will consider psychological and age peculiarities of our children and will not discredit their identity and dignity.


As adults, many people try to forget their childhood.

Forgetting Continue reading

How to wean the child to lie?

All parents want their child up decent and from an early age begin to raise the baby and explain that lying is bad. But anyway, sooner or later, the child is fooled. An adult needs to understand why this happened, and to think, how to act in this situation.

The most common parental reaction is anger and a desire to get rid of the child lie in any way. But this reaction is nothing but the opposite effect, and the next lie will be more thoughtful. So how do I teach my child to lie?

Children only at the age of five or six years begin to distinguish between reality and fantasy, and by 7-8 years separate these concepts from each other more clearly. If the child is older than seven years of age continues to lie, then it is likely you have some problems.

Famous psychologist A. Fromm pointed out 4 main causes of children’s deception:

1. The deception necessary in order to get love and praise adults;

2. Deception for the sake of concealing the guilt, mischief;

3. Deception for the purpose of avoiding penalties;

4. The deception by which the child wants to show their hostility to adults.

So why, reacting sharply on children’s false we are doing wrong? When we look at the reasons Continue reading

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