Morning is the most difficult and challenging for the child. For each it is different. One child wakes up with pleasure, and parting with sleep

occurs instantly. Another long time can not Wake up. It is important

take into account the peculiarities of the physiological development of children.

You are full of worries about the coming day. Time inexorably dictates the tempo of conduct:

make Breakfast, clean up, talk, to remind you in time for

work – a thousand little things, conflicts, expectations. In this kaleidoscope Affairs and

dependencies – your child. To Wake, feed, look after

clothes, to send to school. You almost don’t realize their actions: all

long moved into a skill, a habit. What kind of habits? Did

your child involved in cooking Breakfast? Helped to clear the table? In

what kind of mood he goes to school? What was your reaction to your

last comment? What are your thoughts as you go to work?

Morning or charges you light spirituality, or ukrepliaet you in secret bitterness of resentment, a poignant question, a slight pain.

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How to live with mother in law

From year to year, young couples fight and even go because of my parents. And since women are more likely to come to the house of her husband, the main cause of quarrels and disputes becomes the mother-in-law. Often it even before the wedding believes that:

the son is worthy of the best of the party;

it is too early to marry.

the girl can’t cook, not economic, not beautiful, not clever and million any “no”.

And all because she subconsciously perceives future daughter-in-law as a rival. For the same reason mom husband tries to keep a predominant role in the life of the son. Adding fuel to the fire and character-especially if her inherent lack of restraint in speech.

Such prejudiced attitude on the part of the husband’s mother and not daughter-in-law, characteristic of young persons, leads to constant conflicts. Allow them a son, he’s the husband. That he will “put on the spot and a wife, and mother.” And to do it correctly without offending either side. If peace in the family is not possible, the best way to solve the problem is to disperse!

But if you do that you are not yet in force, then we should have the wisdom sister-in-law and to abide by simple rules that will help keep peace in the family.

Relationship with her mother in law: 5 simple rules

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What to do if your child is left-handed
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The winners of the drawing competition on the fence in Ship.
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