Learn to live and enjoy!

Yes, someone will say that it is impossible to live and continually to rejoice, because in life a lot of problems and worries, and troubles. Well, if you take the reverse situation? There are people who constantly live without joy, with a stone heart, with a closed mind. They don’t know what is the joy of the soul and the joy of love . They are always dissatisfied with everything and every day find a reason to be unhappy even more. So why not live the other way around? Every day to find a reason for joy, to radiate gratitude and positivity. So you can live! And even need! The more you will radiate joy and pleasure, the more that will come into your life.

So how can you add to the life of joy? There are several ways.

Learning how to live and rejoice: five ways.

Method first. Don’t be afraid to dream and set goals to achieve their dreams.

When man ceases to dream, he simply ceases to live. He slips in everyday life and routine, losing the breadth of thinking. Life becomes full of reproaches, resentment, suffering and deprivation. The joy was gone, the days are getting similar to each other. The fact is that as soon as man ceases to dream, he immediately closes the road to great prospects and opportunities. Why successful people achieve much? Rather, due to what? Thanks to your dream!

People just have a goal to turn the dream into reality. And when the goal is set and visible beacon soul happy, then there is a path and new opportunities. And every day we move forward, rejoicing in their little and big victories. On this subject I advise you to see an excerpt of the webinar Alena Starovoytova “Dream. Mission. Money”. About other webinars and courses Alena can be found Here.

A second way. Move the focus of their attention.

Learn to see and to notice only the good and not focus on the bad.

Some people focus on the negative and unpleasant events and spend most of their time. In the end they will get what focus: depression, irritation, sadness, anger.

The lens of your perception should be directed in the direction of joy, beauty, love, kindness.

The fact is that our brain is designed so that it can be trained to pay attention only to what you want to see. Stop listening to the bad news and gossip, stop to chat with people who constantly complain about life and dissatisfied with everything. Value yourself, your nerves and your time. Communicating with such people, you will not notice, how will be involved in all of this and begin to grow old soul. And communicating with positive, successful people, you too will automatically tune in a good mood. Your environment is able to support you and can brake.

Change not only their environment, but the environment around you. Place your order in your house, throw all the unnecessary and surround yourself with only those accessories that lift your mood and create a cozy and safe atmosphere. And wear the clothes that you like and which you are comfortable.

Learn to enjoy life and not be afraid that you’ll be punished for this. Have people with this problem, many people still think that if too well today, so tomorrow will have to pay for it. If the sufferer is so Holy, but if fun and joyful – it is a crook and an honest man. Some people just have this habit of suffering. Today I suffer, tomorrow and for me this reward. I about it already wrote in the article “Life on then. Tomorrow will be better? “If you are good and lot of joy, then you have nothing to pay.

Not Kenite, don’t suffer, look around and find something you can enjoy!

Method three. Be yourself.

Allow yourself time to learn what you want. It is best to combine relaxation with meditation. look deep inside themselves and realize what is actually really valuable for your soul. Not for society, not for your family, not for your ego and mind and for your soul! When people begin to speculate on their values, not realizing what he really wants their soul, they cease to be themselves.

For example, the soul wants the true and real love, and you are substituting it with random connections. Or soul wants freedom and independence, and you translate it into a desire to have a lot of money. In this case, the value of freedom is replaced by financial slavery, and your true desire is completely forgotten. Or soul wants real friendship, and you are substituting it the right connections and contacts.

Get in touch with your soul, look inside yourself and realize that the most valuable in life. And start living in accordance with your true values and desires, without losing contact with the soul. Learn to love and respect yourself. How to do it, you can read the article “How to love Yourself! “.

The method of the fourth. Create a balance.

Try to balance all areas of your life and to give them equal attention. If you are lucky only in one area of life, happiness and joy to you it will not. The man may be rich, but it does not have health. People can be successful in a career, but not to have a family. It is not necessary to dwell only on one thing, we must pay equal attention to your family, career, health and spiritual development.

There should be a balance between these spheres. If you fail to do something in one of these areas, pay attention and correct the situation. Everything must be harmonious and balanced.

The fifth way. Realize that joy and happiness are within you.

If inside you there is no source of happiness and joy, then you won’t get it in the outside world (read also the article “the Formula for happiness” ). Rather, you can get pleasure from a loved one, for example, that is, it can be a source of your joy, but it’s temporary. Loved one can leave or he was simply tired to be for you this source, or it get infected from you by your negativity and will also cease to enjoy.

Unfortunately, television and the press are applying pressure on the brains of people. Each promotional video States that you will be happy only when you will have these or other products or things. To take from life everything is possible only drinking Pepsi, for example, and nothing more! Beautiful pictures flashed before his eyes every second, and with this begins the mad race for luxury cars, designer clothes and appliances latest model.

Yes, nice to live – it’s nice and happy, but don’t need to set a goal to buy all these things, squatting in debt. Joy and happiness do not depend on the number of branded items, it’s internal state and one person can be unhappy, living in a luxurious Palace, and the other can be perfectly happy living in a small house.

You should surround yourself with beautiful things only from your inner world, and not from external. You have to buy what you like and what you like, not what you advise other people.

Keep the joy of the soul within themselves, tap into the source of love and your life will begin to change in the most magical way.

I wish you much joy, happiness and a bright, positive emotions!

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