If the child has mom

Girls came across such an article. Sometimes that Lina on a whim (even joy) has palms on the face. We decided to fight it. The tips in the article liked it and I thought that maybe more people will be interested!

If the child has a mother

This article will talk about a child aged between six months and three and a half years. At various points of its growth and development the child begins to test those boundaries that he is allowed. In particular, and with the help of this method. Bites, pulls hair, pinches, slaps mom, dad, grandmother. At this age, as a rule, the events unfolding only in the circle of the family and other children do not yet apply.

What to do?

This recipe is not universalism, but in that case, when the child checks the bounds, that is enough.

1. Once you hit a child it is important to tell him that it hurts You very much, and You don’t want him to hurt You.

2. If you still repeats the shot, try to catch his hand.

3. If the child is at that moment in his hands, after the second attempt, you must let him off the hand, accompanying it with words, what conversion You dislike, and You will not communicate in such conditions. Thus, to the words we attach actions that demonstrate the meaning of words.

4. If the baby cried, you can immediately pick him up and regret. Because our goal is not to humiliate and punish, but to explain. A child can really upset the sudden descent from the hands.

5. If after You took the child in his arms, repeated the blow, slow it down again with hands, and just explain calmly as possible that does not suit You specifically. It is important to find the right words to clearly and precisely that is bad not the child himself, and his behavior is unacceptable.

6. Naturally, after the second attempt already at hand did not immediately take. But to hysterics and also do not need to bring. Next time on your hands you can take, holding baby hands slightly.

7. If the baby is not on hand, it is also very important, accompanying the words with an action to distance themselves. For example, if You played together, stop this game, if the child ran and hit, then you should walk out of this room. 8. If a child has a mom or dad in front of friends or other family members, it is important that in this situation they either did not intervene or supported your father or your mother. In this case, you need to feel sorry for the victim, completely ignoring the offender. Such an example shows that such behavior is not the best way to attract attention to themselves and, more importantly, that this method does not work.

9. Consistency is important in all these activities. Ie If you don’t hit mommy, that means you can neither evening nor morning, nor at the party or on the street, and in General in any situations. In order to solve this problem, usually takes 2 or 3 weeks.

The mistakes their parents, while trying to cope with this child’s behavior:

1. “Give it back” in response to spank or lightly hit his arm. This action on your part is wrong. Because children copy the behavior of their parents. And that by doing so, You show your child that using the strike to Express their dissatisfaction and this is a valid method. So stick to what not to the kid and not the parents.

2. “Pretend cry” is performance. Not going to touch the fact of his mother’s deception, but what mom depicts something that is in itself “entertainment”. Especially for a child a year and a half. And there is therefore a risk that the child will continue their actions to repeat, to see my mother’s “performance”.

3. The same applies to the cries of pain, screaming, Etc. If your baby is not frightened, he can perceive what is happening as “performance”. And, it’s very possible that I will want to repeat it.

4. Shame. Shame on you… Shame it’s a measure of the social, which, for educational purposes only and if effective, much later. It’s just for kids word.

In the beginning of the article it was written that often this behavior is testing boundaries. Of course, that if the child does not see such treatment.

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