If a child steals

Child stealing, this is not a rare phenomenon. Sometimes parents come to panic, knowing that their sweet child – stealing. Why is this happening?

Child stealing, this is not a rare phenomenon. Sometimes parents come to panic, knowing that their sweet child – stealing. Why is this happening? There are several opinions of psychologists on the causes of theft, we offer our readers, in the hope that after reading, You will try to intelligently address the problem.

Often the theft of a child caused by a strong desire to have some thing, in his opinion absolutely not available to him. He decides to steal it, because he sees no alternative ways to get it. Flush with this problem is another reason theft is an attempt to attract the attention of parents. Yes, it happens sometimes! Child «signals» the negative acts that he lacks the worries moms and dads, and parental indifference is much more painful for him than the punishment for theft and other bad things. This happens in families where parents have a misunderstanding of the needs of children, due to lack of teaching experience and worldly wisdom or just a lack of communication with the child. In this case it is necessary to understand the needs of their child and to tactfully explain to him why he can’t always get what you want. And, believe me, the child, the desire to experience his problems, participation in his classes gives much better results than notations and prohibitions. Spend more time with your baby! Delve into things even if they seem small and useless. Find sweet words to her babies. Praise them for any little bit of useful work and love them, because children feel our love…

The next reason is the inability of young children to cope with their desires. Children aged 5 to 7 are not always able to control their desires. Sometimes the baby is so I want to eat is chocolate, and he diathesis and his mother constantly restricts to sweet, and the phrase “You can’t, you have a diathesis!” — does not work. Seeing a cherished delicacy in the place where the mother may not notice and warn the child could sneak a chocolate bar. He’s just unable to deal with their immediate “WANT!”. Try to train your child willpower to set goals and achieve them. This recommendation is of course “grates on the ear” parents of young children, but it is a necessary skill that will not only keep Your beloved kid out of trouble, but also will help him in the future.

Another reason of child stealing come from large families, where children sometimes do not understand where their own, where strange and often find themselves trapped outside of their big family. The word “theft” in this case is not quite the correct definition, or rather to say — error. The task of parents, in this case, explain to the child where his, and where someone else that you can take and what you cannot, because, if he has not clearly defined the concepts of “mine”, it is very difficult to understand the concept of “alien”.

Reason four, the forbidden fruit! Adolescence parents often associated not only with the arising differences of Outlook on life, but also with various kinds of complications: alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. The teenager needs arise in the acquisition of things that parents just will not give money and he decided to steal. Another example of this period of development children may be extortion by older Teens. In this case, it is necessary to take urgent measures. Perhaps your “yesterday’s” baby needs help? If You find out that Your child is stealing money, you should first understand: “why did he do it?”. Find out the background of the incident and take action, up to and stay in school, talk with friends as a teenager and perhaps visit a child psychologist.

Child theft can be avoided

Regular contact with the child. Discussion on themes “good and bad” behavior with specific examples – will definitely bring positive results. All human beings want to be good, and children in particular. If You will be able to explain to your child the simple truth that taking without asking is not even a penny in the future is unlikely to arise the problems such a plan.

The problem of theft may be submitted to the child from the perspective of a man who stole something. The kid has to describe the feelings of this man, tell us how this man can suffer, to be hurt and upset. Ask the child to imagine himself as a man who stole an expensive thing for him and ask him, whatever he felt, once in place robbed. This technique should be used regularly if You notice your child’s propensity to theft.

Engage children in family discussions on the distribution of the monthly budget. Let him know how much money is needed to pay the rent, how much you need for food, clothing, transportation and so on. Thus, he will realize that you can go to my parents, and that they are not able to buy him and gradually he formed a correct notion about the family budget and “wishlist” would be adequate. He will feel like a member of family planning funds and part of the family – theft in such conditions it is very difficult to make.

What to do if You caught your child stealing?

Tranquillity, only tranquillity! Anger is not the best helper in this situation. Need in a relaxed atmosphere to find out the motive of the act and to explain to him all the ugliness of their deeds.

If a child is not recognised in perfect, but you firmly believe that he did it, just say: “I know that you did it. That happened to me the childhood. I was ashamed and bad. You now too?”

The child should be given a chance to return the stolen. If a child stole away from home, if possible, arrange the return of stolen items. If this is not possible, pretend that the child found the thing and returned it. Share with him the responsibility, to help him remedy the situation. Even one conversation «heart to heart» with a child, a serious and thorough, able to outweigh a hundred things…

In conclusion, a few words about kleptomania. Kleptomania is a disease that develops in childhood. At first she appears very innocent: the child often catch something that is bad. In this case, you need to sound the alarm. In childhood and adolescence to get rid of kleptomania easily. quite a few visits to a child psychologist. Just be careful! Do not confuse with kleptomania single desire of the child stealing someone’s toy.

Be for your child friend, this will allow You to avoid many problems in the education!

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