How to raise a child

“SHOULD only child to feel loved and cherished and surrounded by a happy family, as it has become a powerful stimulus for the development of his brain.

It is impossible to bring up children with a belt. By the way, about how to raise a child without a belt, with effective sanctions for razvitie-i-vospitanie-detej/kak-nakazyvat-rebenka-za-. There are 13 effective loyal ways of punishment for any parent. you will not regret if you read this entertaining article about how to punish the child.

The parent task is not to make a child Prodigy, but the fact that their child grew up healthy, sober, and decent,” said Peter Gorski, an employee of the medical faculty of Harvard University.

All parents want their children to become moral, caring and sensitive people. You can achieve this goal if we will try to set a good example, to be a friend, companion and teacher.

Although all children have an innate ability to do good and right, parents still need to constantly instill in them moral values.

Who shapes the personality of the child?

Scientists disagree about who most affects the development of the child. According to some, his character is influenced by peers.

However, experts in the field of Pediatrics berry Brazelton and Stanley Greenspan emphasized that the sensitivity and responsiveness in children from an early age parents lay.

Further experience and peer influence are only additions to what is laid down in the child from the beginning.

It is important that the family was shown to the children compassion and understanding. Also it is important to teach them restraint characteristic of Mature people. Children receiving such education are generally more prepared to work in a team and to demonstrate to others the sensitivity and attention.

To raise a child from infancy — not an easy task. To deal with it — especially young parents — should seek the advice of a more experienced and committed to follow the chosen course.

About child psychology written many books. Here are some of these wise principles.

Do not skimp on the expression of love

Children as young sprouts, grow and develop well, if you show them attention and care.

Water and sunlight to nourish the plant, and it becomes healthy and strong. Similarly, parents, expressing their love affection and a kind word, help children grow mentally and emotionally healthy and strong.

The Bible contains simple wisdom: “Love builds up” (1 Corinthians 8:1). Parents should not scrimp on the expression of love for their children.

You greatly contribute to the development of their children, when I Express our love to them, read to them or play with them.

Child psychologist Fraser mustard said: “Everything the child does, it becomes a life experience. Even if a child learns to crawl, it is very important how you respond, how to encourage it”.

Parental love and care is extremely important for the further development of your child in the future he became a Mature, responsible person.

Friend and the interlocutor

The more time you spend with your child, the stronger your attachment to each other. In children these develop communication skills. Parents! Communicate with children at every opportunity, both at home and somewhere else.

Child psychologists agree that the time that parents spend with children is much more important than the most expensive toys and entertainment.

To be with her children even doing normal daily activities. For example, just walking in the Park and enjoying nature, parents can ask the child about something and chat.

Games, especially independent and relaxed, very important for mental and emotional development of children and to develop their communication skills.

According to Fraser Mustard, children play is not just important, but necessary.

He notes: “Interneuronal communication required for a variety of functions, are formed in children in the brain mainly during the game”.

Toys used by children in General that is not run older games can be very simple — such as an empty cardboard box.

The most common safe household items no less entertaining for kids than expensive, cutting-edge toys.

According to experts, if the adults are trying for hours to paint the school children and to see their life, their imagination and creativity will not properly develop.

In this issue we have to maintain moderation.

Let your child opens up a world of its own and has been imaginative. Typically, children find something to do.

However, this does not relieve you of the duty to monitor what the child is doing, where it plays and do not threaten him with danger.

Allocate time for training

Training is an integral part of the education of comprehensively developed personality.

Many parents set aside time daily to read to your children. This gives you the opportunity to tell the kids what is good and what is bad, and to instill in them moral values.

Reading to children stimulates synaptic connections in their brain. It is important that reading was a sensitive, caring person.

Professor of education Linda Siegel warns about topics: “Should you choose that children listen with pleasure”.

Also, try to read to children regularly and at the same time. Then they will each be looking forward to this moment.

Training requires discipline. If the child will be gently corrected, he will benefit.

Manipulate a variety of ways, for example in a word, the deprivation of something pleasant, or some other punishment.

Berry Brazelton, whose words were quoted above, says that the instruction “teaches the child to repress his feelings and emotions, and control their behavior.

Every child seeks to understand where the lines are. Discipline is almost as important for the proper upbringing and love”.

As parents to check whether they are raising their child?

First of all, if children are punished, they need to understand why. If you correct your child, try to feel toward yourself love and care.

Their efforts were crowned with success

Fedor began to read to his daughter at bedtime when she was a baby. Since then it has become their tradition. He noticed that she began to remember many of the stories and watched the lines, learning the words and their pronunciation.

Constantine is also constantly read to their children. He tried to pick up for this different topic. When the kids were very young, he showed them the pictures.

Some parents Supplement the reading by drawing with pencils and paints, music classes, hikes with the whole family to the zoo or nature.

This provides an excellent opportunity to teach children good manners and morals. Receptive children’s minds and hearts — perfect grounds for such education.

Needless to exert so much effort?

Parents seeking to apply these helpful tips in a peaceful family setting, in a large measure help your children develop a positive attitude.

If from early childhood to develop children’s mental abilities and communication skills, they will be much easier to learn spiritual and moral values.

The role of parents in the upbringing of children is invaluable. Do not skimp to show love to their child. Spend time with him, nurture him and teach him. It will bring happiness and joy for both you and your children

Important thoughts:

In infants attention span is very small, so play with them only when they like it.

If you give children toys that let them be safe and educational.

Play games, in which lots of action. Kids like to force you to do something again and again, for example to raise the toy which they throw on the floor.

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