How to live with mother in law

From year to year, young couples fight and even go because of my parents. And since women are more likely to come to the house of her husband, the main cause of quarrels and disputes becomes the mother-in-law. Often it even before the wedding believes that:

the son is worthy of the best of the party;

it is too early to marry.

the girl can’t cook, not economic, not beautiful, not clever and million any “no”.

And all because she subconsciously perceives future daughter-in-law as a rival. For the same reason mom husband tries to keep a predominant role in the life of the son. Adding fuel to the fire and character-especially if her inherent lack of restraint in speech.

Such prejudiced attitude on the part of the husband’s mother and not daughter-in-law, characteristic of young persons, leads to constant conflicts. Allow them a son, he’s the husband. That he will “put on the spot and a wife, and mother.” And to do it correctly without offending either side. If peace in the family is not possible, the best way to solve the problem is to disperse!

But if you do that you are not yet in force, then we should have the wisdom sister-in-law and to abide by simple rules that will help keep peace in the family.

Relationship with her mother in law: 5 simple rules

Calm and pleasant atmosphere in the family at all times provided the wife. Therefore, it is meaningless to expect that this will take the husband’s mother. On the contrary, many mother-in-law happy quarreling that son came to see what “bitch” he brought home. So be patient and start to change yourself. Take care of your spouse, children and stick to these 5 simple rules:

The first rule – avoid quarrels

Never argue with your mother in law, as if you wanted to. Respect her age and limited phrases: “Yeah, okay” or “No thanks”. You can still talk about the weather, the prices in the store and other meaningless trivia. Try to keep communication to a minimum.

The second rule is competently share the housework

Do not attempt to “win” the kitchen and the household. Any attempt by you on this field can be regarded by the law as “an assault on the Shrine”.

But do not let the mother of the husband treating the son. Calmly but firmly explain to her mother in law, you pleasure to iron her husband’s shirts and wash bed linen. If on this basis can avoid scandal, ask for help to her husband. And so calmly and firmly explain that he is very dear to you, but because you want to take care of it yourself. May he bring this information to the mother.

Rule three – offer our assistance

Regularly offer help-in-law. Let you a few times refuse. But you will always be in the hands of the “trump card”. My husband can always say: “I offer to help, but I am not allowed to do anything”.

By the way, it is best to look to cases that do not deliver in-law of joy. We should offer help to them. Then she couldn’t refuse, and you are one of those “sad sack” and “them” will eventually turn finally to “favorite daughter”.

Rule four – don’t criticize my husband with mother in law

Never! Under no circumstances, do not scold husband when his mother! Better in her presence and not to criticize. Even if you are lucky, and mother-in-law treats you well, all can spoil one word said at the wrong. Remember, no matter how your husband was, for the mother he always was, is and will be a favorite son.

On the contrary, praise your husband. Underline his achievements. Be interested in his Hobbies. And otherwise maintain beloved. This will give you value in the eyes of her mother in law.

Rule five – don’t make the “COP” from the house

How would you not want to complain of the mother-in-law or husband, never do it. Unfortunately, the walls have ears. And you don’t even know when and under what circumstances can “swim” in the hearts of you dropped the phrase. In addition to the re-emergence in your life she can acquire a quite different connotation and meaning than you invested in it.

The exception to the rule here can be considered only their own parents. But not on the phone and personally tell mom and dad that you are not satisfied. Maybe they will give you good advice, remembering his youth. Or quickly will help you to solve the “housing problem”.

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