How to deal with young children

The game is a serious lesson for the child . Watching Datastream with blocks or playing in the plane, or learn to jump through the rope, adults think that getproto have fun and that the game has nothing to do with the serious occupations of the type of cooking lessons and, later, work. It is a misconception instilled in us from childhood when we were taught that the game is fun, preparing homework is a responsibility, and the work is boring and hard necessity. When a child is transferring a rattle from one hand to another, or when learning to crawl up the stairs, or pushing blocks, pretending it’s a train, he is busy with the hard work he is exploring the world. He is preparing for useful work in society as well as students learn in College, preparing for future careers. Child likes to play not because they are easy, but because it’s hard. Every minute of every day descremada to grasp more and more difficult activities. They want to learn how to do all the things other kids adults.

Mother of year-old child complains that he doesn’t want to play with the cubes, and wants to put pots and pans into one another. The child sees that his mother “plays” pots, not cubes, so he was more attracted to pans. That’s why all deibeat so fascinated by cigarettes.

Simple toys are the best. Usually children like simple toys and they are longer deal with them. It’s not because definititely, but because they have a rich imagination. There are two types of toy trains. One train is quite similar to the present and runs on rails. And another train is made of simple wooden blocks, which are easily reteplase. A young child is difficult to cope with clockwork railroad in a train nothing to load until it breaks the roof. Soon he gets bored. The train of cubes is much more interesting. Two cubes connected together, is a truck with a trailer. But if put small cubes, you get a freight train to haul cargo to different cities. When he is tired of drying, each cube will be the boat and this fleet will pull the barge — a large cube. And so he can play forever.

Parents, straitened in means, lament that I can’t buy your child expensive toys. But imagine how much a child can do with an ordinary cardboard box. She h bed, K DOI, h truck and tank, and the fortress and the garage. But do not think that the child does not need to buy a good toy. The time will come and he will want a tricycle or scooter, and you are willing to buy his child . if you can. But first, keep it simple toys, and then add more complex by his taste and his pocket.

Even before a child learns to use his hands, he likes to look at brightly colored objects hanging above his crib. After 5-6 months he likes to hold objects in his hand, to rattle them and chew them. Especially good plastic toys (such as small rings worn on the big ring), because with them comes the paint and they will not chew through it, like toys.

Between one and a half years the child enthusiastically shoves one subject to another and pushes or drags it across the room. Wooden block on four wheels favorite toy of all children . but cardboard box with rope is also good. First deticate to push things in front of him, and then to drag them here. A kid with a passion for playing pots and other household utensils than cubes and blocks.

Most children love soft toys — dolls and animals, but some are indifferent to them.

Closer to 2 years the child becomes more interesting to imitate adults and older children . First, he imitates what do mom and dad, for example, sweeping the floor, washing dishes or shaving. After 2 years, his imagination becomes more creative. At this age, will detailrow with dolls and toy furniture, truck and especially happy with the cubes. Cubes stacked one on top of another, is a high-rise building, bricks, stacked one after the other, is by train. Cubes you can outline the shape of the boat or home. And so on to infinity. A set of blocks and blocks of all sizes and shapes worth ten toys for any child to b—8 years.

Don’t prevent the children play on their own. Often, playing with children, adults unwittingly make the game too complicated. For example, the mother bought my daughter a doll with set of clothes. She begins to dress the doll in order. And my daughter wants to first put on a doll coat. Or the little sick boy bought a picture book for coloring and colored pencils. The orange boy takes a pencil and starts to RUB it on the page, not trying to stay in bounds and not worrying that it paints an orange sky and the grass. It is difficult for parents to resist and not to correct the child . “No, no, don’t, I’ll show you how”. Or, for example, the father; who has never had a clockwork railway, buys it for the New year for his three sons. Dad can’t wait to have a railroad. He carefully connects the rails, and his son grabbed one of the wagons and threw it in the corner of the room. “No, no, not so,’ said my father. — Need to put it back on track”. The boy puts the car on the rails and pushes — he falls. “No, no, not so, it is necessary to start the engine, and it will pull the train.” But the poor kid can not afford to have a railroad, and he fails to properly substitute the carriages on the rails. At this age fellow strive for realism. After the father loses patience, explaining to the child . how to make a railroad, the child feels a strong aversion to metal cars and uneasy that did not meet his father’s expectations. He takes up other toys that bring him more pleasure.

Do not rush the child . In due time it will be correct to paint pictures, to dress dolls and fun to play with clockwork railway. Adjusting the child . you make it feel incompetent that brings only harm. The game will bring the child fun if you play with him on his level. Let him show you how to play. Help the child . if he asks for help. If you bought it too difficult for his toy, then either let him play with it as he pleases, or hide it until then, until he grows up.

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