How to communicate with the child

Than similar adults and newborns? – Respect is for tiny baby is just as important as for older.

How to talk with the child to his heart trembled with pain, and happily opened up to Your words? Remember your childhood, parental words and expressions that You combed: “shut up or you catch a fly”, “don’t slouch – Brokeback.” They are all here and waiting in the wings. No wonder they say that the word hurts. Imagine all these succinct statements that will get Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and the rest of the kids who come after You.

So how to speak that children listened and heard, and rejoiced in the fellowship? There is a wonderful reception, its meaning: talk to your children like it’s Your best friend. You can imagine what my favorite girlfriend will suddenly hear from You: “you stomp like an elephant!”, “you out of his pants belly sticks out”? And family and our most vulnerable men hear it all the time. Meanwhile, to treat a son or daughter, best friend so easy!

Hello, mother!

During the first hour after birth, a tiny little man look looking for his mother. Bonding, eye contact between the baby and parent their first meeting his eyes. Psychologists say that it is of great importance for psychological development of a person.

Psychology of communication with children is fun and rewarding discipline. Babies all imitate parents: mother smiles, and the baby, too, mother says – and the child murmurs a gentle voice. Further, the child is not just passively waiting for mom or dad, and learns to call them: helenium, a whimper, a cry. He has a need for adult attention.

Strange to hear that many parents, followers of rigor and discipline from an early age are demanding toddler and dry. Feeding, walking, swimming – all this they do on a schedule, being afraid to spoil a tiny little man. What about parental love?

Meanwhile, the Foundation for active development of personality in early dealing with her mother. The kid should get the full measure of love and emotional care of parents. Only in this way, as an adult, he will be able to go through life confidently and safely. Children nepoluchitsya affection and tenderness, grow up to be aggressive and insecure.

Further, in the second half of the year, babies learn to take the initiative: ask for toys offer fun, call the parents. Now the main forms of communication between children and adults – all sorts of games with the dramatizations, the naming of objects and actions, the promotion of onomatopoeia and first words.

This period of playing with adults lasts up to 4 years. Preference for role-playing games as preparation for the next stage of development.

Chatter-box and the world: what’s the point?

Peculiarities of communication with children of different ages lie in the difference in social needs of the child. The more vocabulary you have, the faster evolving educational interests of the baby.

After 3 years of fellowship preschoolers with adults is asking parents the most impossible questions. Now fathers and mothers – authoritative source of knowledge, teachers, leading by the hand into the big world.

How to find the answer to all the questions the little luboszyce? Consider the life experience of the child. Surely he wouldn’t understand the scientific explanation of photosynthesis, but he’d like the version that the sun warms the grass, and so it turns green.

Preschooler begins to feel like an important member of the family and society. At this age, formed by the perceived need for children to respect. Therefore, it is not necessary to give untruthful answers. False, though innocent, is remembered for a long time. How to trust mom and dad, caught cheating?

Sweet cake instead of bitter words

Peculiarities of communication of preschool children with adults after 3-4 years pending evaluation and adult recognition of his achievements. If You scold, criticize, compare son or daughter with other children, they are offended and refuse to do the errand for which he was reprimanded. It is important not just to see the result, but also to Express their opinion: to praise, to ask the kid, surprised and delighted.

Relationship between parents and children should be based on trust – beaten, but the global truth. The formation of a positive self-image – the main educational task of parents of preschool children.

Psychology of communication with the child 3-4 years identifies three key characteristics in the relationship:

developed speech of children;

their curiosity;

the need for recognition and respect.

Society through the eyes of a child

At the age of 6-7 years the features of communication between children and adults is that children’s educational issues rise to a new, very important and critical step in communicating. Now they are interested in relationship in society, rules of behaviour and their motivation, objective assessment of his abilities.

Little man is now certainly not looking good evaluation. The home place – rapport with parents, cooperation, discussion of issues related to the qualities of people.

Communication to children of preschool age need for the sake of communication. But, as before, the child is dependent on a positive attitude and friendly attitude of their parents.

How to talk to a child so as not to offend his growing self-esteem? – You need to remember that 6-7-year-olds need:

in mutual understanding with parents;

in recognizing him as a full person;

in communicating with adults on a level playing field.

How not to become a pariah in the children’s company

In addition to communication with parents, the child should understand how to communicate with the child’s age. Imagine a toddler alone playing in the sandbox or even worse, suffer persecution from the children’s society.

Typically, these exiles are children who differ from their companions behavior. For example, they play in the profession, and he is stuck on the moulding mud pies. Children discuss favorite cartoon, and this kid doesn’t understand what it is about. He can’t keep up with the conversation because he’s more interesting to have fun and be naughty.

Parents who understand the peculiarities of communication with children of different ages, can help your son or daughter. To do this we need to create situations in which the child in everyday life passes. It is important to start with the level on which a child, otherwise he will not be interested.

Cooperative play with other children or parents, during which the baby learns something new (first on the nature, subjects, differences, sizes, colors, shapes, then – about the behaviour and obedience, qualities of the person, the causes of behavior, and so on). In the classroom significantly to include in the process of each child, encourage and praise him.

Parents it is important to learn to see in the child the distinguished personality, a person who is entitled to their opinion. Habituate ourselves to think that Your kid is the best friend that You tune in to the desired wave of the communication and will be released from obsessive stereotype insolvent pedagogy.

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