How many Slovaks spend to educate children

The gymnasium, which the son Kocharov entered the competition, a cost of 33 euros per year. This amount was determined by the parent Committee, and she spent on sightseeing tours.

In the Slovak education this year introduced significant changes. One of the main innovations — schools can create your own curriculum. He can con-consider the possibility for pupils of the last classes to choose the main subject on which they would like to focus and then to continue his studies in this direction.

Note, Slovak teachers pay more attention not to the knowledge and understanding pupils of facts and logical thinking, the ability to ask questions and answer them. Noteworthy the inclusion of such subject as ethics, which alternates with the lessons of the Catholic or Protestant religions.

Gymnasium Karel Assault

The eldest son of the masters of art glass Kocharov visits the first class gymnasium named after Karel assault in Modra. Alexander moved here after 5 years of elementary school. The family preferred the eight-year program. As an alternative to four — year high school education that is received after the 9th class, explains the Director of the gymnasium of Jan Medinova.

To go to school, you have to successfully pass the entrance tests. Points you can gain not only for the results of the tests of knowledge, but also for grades in school, participating in competitions and social activities. “This year we are on a four-year training took 30 of 75 candidates, eight — 30 of 50,” says the Director.

Not surprisingly, more people than seats. In fact according to the Yana Medlennoi, entering University, and 95% of graduates of this school.

Teachers ‘ salaries — 700 Euro salary plus allowance for classroom management and hourly rate for the hours in excess of. “The Ministry wants and teachers were in school for 8 hours a day, but I am against this approach,” says Jan Medinova.

She’s also not thrilled that her main working time is spent on administrative and financial matters, and not on teaching. And non-pedagogical problems abound. For example, the school was built to 8th grade, and now more of them: the school of 350 students — an average of 30 per class. Because the building must be rebuilt.

The school has benefited from the government’s decision to allow businesses to reduce tax liabilities in the event of expulsion them educational funds and educational institutions, including schools. Thanks to sponsorship money gym equipped gymnasium rock climbing wall.

According to the decision of the parent Committee of the school and for each child the parents have to contribute annually to 33 euros. These funds and the income from Proms, which are also organized parents, organized excursions abroad. The pupils have already visited Italy, France and Greece.

The Director of the gymnasium after a three-week stay in Australia, where she invited the mayor (Slovak origin), wants to equip a multimedia class.

From kindergarten to school through the corridor

With my daughter Kocharov we met when the girl learned about the letter “W”. Emma attends primary school kindergarten in the village Vistek, where he lives with his parents. There are few children, and this combination provides cost savings in the management of children’s institution. In this school-kindergarten only 86 children. Half of them are preschool age. In kindergarten 4 kindergarten teacher in the school to 9th grade 14 teachers. Children in grades little. For example, in the class of Emma’s eight of them. The school subsidizes rural administration to ensure that children don’t need to go to study in the district of Pezinok.

The situation is very different from traditional: children in the classrooms are arranged around a circular table. English children begin to learn in kindergarten. Compulsory study of English provided from the 3rd class, German — with the 6th. The school has its own kitchen, and the children eat three times a day. Students grades 1-5 can engage in various activities while parents pick up their children after work — at half-past four. In Slovakia as in the Czech Republic, the working day usually begins at six or seven o’clock in the morning and classes in the school with eight.

For the child’s education in elementary school parents pay 13 euros each year, an additional allowance for cost 3-4 euros, the same goes for notebooks.

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