Child lives in each.

In my opinion, a child lives in each and it is better to be friends.:))

The child in the shower. this is naivety? credulity? the illusion? immaturity?

And sure if that innocence is the child in the shower?

To do this, it would be nice to understand exactly who lives inside of us!?

On this account there is a kind of classification;

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What inner child lives in you?

Recently in psychology is very often used this term – the inner child. And the question here is not about some people who have an “Inner child”, and all. Psychologists in different directions to Express in this striking solidarity. Only call this phenomenon differently.

So why is it that “Inner child” every human has? The answer is simple – everything we were kids! If not to far metaphor, the “Inner child” is the inner child experience that we maintain in your soul till the old age.

Some readers, critical may disagree with me. To say that they have already grown and no “Inner children”. I kind of agree with them, that they are really adults, but this does not contradict the fact that within them lives the children’s experience. Some people can understand and use in their lives, others do not. And there are people whose childhood experience is very sad – and they don’t want to remember him. The paradox is that this experience still affects adult life, as if people didn’t want to separate from him. Insulating the Inner child within yourself, forgetting about it – you protect yourself from pain, but from the resources which are hidden in this experience.

In this article I want to tell you a little more about the different manifestations of the inner child experience, and its impact on the lives of quite an adult.

Carolyn Miss, mentions several varieties of the Archetype of the Child, as already mentioned, each of them has both the resource side and the shadow (or problematic).

Wounded Child

The archetype of the Wounded Child contains the memories of the abuse, neglect, and other traumas that we experienced in childhood. Many people accuse the relationship with your parents in all subsequent dysfunctional relationship. The positive part of this archetype that the painful events typical of this archetype often evoke a deep sense of compassion and desire to help other Wounded Children. As spiritual perspective of this archetype is the study of the road of forgiveness. Shadow aspect can manifest as a constant feeling of self-pity, a tendency to blame the parents in any of the current difficulties and to resist development through forgiveness. It can also compel us to seek parental figure in all difficult situations, instead to rely on their own ingenuity.

An orphan or Abandoned child

Cinderella, Eliza (Wild swans), Thumbelina, Anastasia (Jack frost) and even Harry Potter is a display of the archetype of the Abandoned Child or Orphan. These images reflect the souls of people who feel from birth that they are not part of their family, are not included in the soul kind. But due to the fact that Orphans have no access to the family circle, first, they have to develop independence. The absence of family influences, attitudes, and traditions inspires or compels Abandoned Child to build internal validity, based on personal judgement and experience. Shadow aspect Orphans is that they do not leave with the feeling of abandonment, and this stifles their development process. As a result they are looking for a substitute family structure to experience the tribal Union. Therapeutic support groups become shadow by families for Abandoned children, which should understand that to heal these wounds requires movement to adulthood.

Magic or an Innocent Child

Magical Child sees the potential for sacred beauty in all things, and bears the qualities of wisdom and courage in the face of difficult circumstances. This archetype is embodied in the historical figure of Anne Frank and the literary character of Tiny Tim from Dickens ‘ “Christmas Carol”. This archetype is gifted with the power of imagination and faith that all is possible. Shadow Magic Child is manifested as a denial of the possibility of miracles and transformation of evil into good. Pessimism and depression, especially in dreams, often appear when the trauma of a Magical Child. His fantasies about the beautiful and long-awaited “once. ” felt stupid cynical adults. The shadow can also manifest as a belief that energy and action are not required, dropping a flight of fancy it’s possible to achieve.

Natural Child

Inspired by deep intimacy with the natural forces, Natural Child distinguishes the propensity to friendship with animals. Despite the vulnerability and emotionality, Natural Child may have internal resistance. He can develop the ability to communicate with animals (stories that reflect this archetype, the animal often comes to his aid). Many veterinarians and activists of animal rights protection, perhaps, experienced the presence of this archetype in the form of contact with animals since childhood. Other adults describe their ability to get in tune with the moods of nature, exploring opportunities to live and work in harmony with it, they respect the environment and treat it with care. The shadow aspect of the Natural Child is manifested in the trend of violence against animals, people and the environment.

The Eternal Child

The eternal Child, sometimes Puer (Boy) or Puella (Girl), leads us to remain forever young in body, mind, and spirit, and not allow physical age to prevent us to live. Shadow the Eternal Child often manifests in the inability to the maturity and responsibility adult life on their shoulders. Like Peter Pan, resists the end of life, he can live free from the boundaries of ordinary adult life. The shadow can manifest in women as extreme dependence on those who took responsibility for their physical safety. She can’t take the aging process.

A Dependent Child

Needy or Dependent Child carries a heavy feeling in which he has always something is missing, it always wants to return something lost in childhood, although I don’t know what it is. Like a Wounded Child, this leads to depression, only more serious. A dependent Child tends to be focused on their needs, and often unable to see the needs of others. As with all the obvious negative archetypes, You can learn to recognize its appearance and use as a signal, in order to resist the risk to go in yourself, start doing samolotu.

Now after reading this classification, you have an idea of how varied may be the “Inner children”. So you understand how childhood experiences can affect your life. To get in touch with his “Inner child” is necessary because it will allow you to control the shadow aspects of the child’s experience and use of all its resources.

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with a *child* in the soul life is hard. the frankness and simplicity is too often used by others and the scars from this usage gradually stiffen and rubcuûtsâ. we purchased the mask.

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