Child 9 months

Learn to walk

Anticipate your question: Why learn to walk? Whether it is dangerous to teach to walk? Won’t curve child’s legs and spine? Anyway he will go whether you want to speed up the process.

We are absolutely sure that an UNPREPARED child doesn’t need to rape the walk, to raise him to the wall of the bed and watch as he vibrates like a reed in the wind. In order for the child to learn to stand, to stand, to walk, you have a lot to do with him. Then it will be easy, painless, completely natural process that can’t hurt the baby.

Once you feel that the child is easily worth (drawing hands, straightens the legs, or crawled up to the bars and rises from his knees) can start intensively to teach him to walk. If you are with a child the stress from birth, this moment can occur in four months (the age, by the same views, absolutely incredible). What do you start to teach?

To stand without support, with your back to the pole. The soft surface allows fun to fall.

Many times a day to own up and stand up, holding on to the horizontal bars.

We are narrowing the width of the bed an additional wall that is strengthened only at the time of classes, or a thick rail. This helps the child in four months to make attempts to move through a narrow corridor. With this wall, you will immediately see that the child got the opportunity alternately lift your feet, squat. He is comfortable to hold hands on the railing on the sides and not in front of him.

Hiking on the bed for moving the axis back and forth, back and forth: if only it would not be very thick, confident that the child pinched her arm (we described it in Chapter “Sports corner”). In the first month it can’t be fixed, just drive it on the sides (without cargo on the edges). Podrachivat stick, if the child slip out of your fingers.

You need to walk on the floor, holding the child for two hands and taking your hands of the weight, so it was a walk though with the load, but not necessarily maximum.

The child who walks along the bed and for the past 1-2 months, you can come up with a “leash”, widely spectacular belly and shoulders. You hold it back, and top, ready to insure the fall. This leash can be made from an old shirt, cut holes for the hands of a child, and for the empty sleeves you will keep it during the walk.

To five months we are going to practice walking in the Walker, introducing this short portions. When you wind the Walker, check, do not hang any wires, otherwise the lamp will suddenly begin to fall to the floor. Make sure that the sofa is not lying, for example, the newspaper, because they certainly put in your mouth. Instead, hang an interesting and non-hazardous items, like jingle balls, boxes, shiny caps, for them to cost around the apartment. Already two or three days Hiking in the Walker completely transform the child, there is incredible progress. Very soon he starts to control the movement direction and get where he wants (we’re talking about the age of 4.5 months!). It would be good if he could not reach stoves – don’t forget about it.

Doman writes that we should not teach a child to walk hand to the vestibular system of the child relied on myself. But it does not apply to the age of four, five, six months when you need to try to walk on the floor (it is still a barefoot – the word “cold” we don’t want to hear!). You have no haste, the vestibular system will have time to learn, if your child will go to six or seven months. It seems to us that this is the optimal age at which a trained “Domanovo integrated” child should make their first independent steps.

In order to provoke these first steps, we are narrowing the width of the bed (using a movable wall) exactly the size of a spread hand, so that the child may go to any of the walls. After that, we reinforce on one side of the bed some new very interesting toy and millimeters start to increase the width of this space. So the child needs to be pulled, then a half step and reach out to people, and at some point take your hands and make the first step without support. Remember commutation of all corners in the bed, remember on the protection of the forehead and nape. A few days lead you to victory: the child understands what to let go of his hands.

Once again I repeat that exercise, when he stands with his back to the pole, does not hold, and only feels support the back and head,and is not afraid to fall forward on the soft – accelerate very first step.

WALKING DRAMATICALLY INCREASES MOTOR INTELLIGENCE OF THE CHILD. And, in addition, you have an active ally. He now makes a complicated movement, starting to walk at the age when civilized humanity has barely begun to crawl. Happy childhood ended. In the following chapters we will start to do sports.

Undoubtedly, this is a real wonder of the world when a child takes their first step is to get used to it it is impossible.

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