Careful, MOM!

Beautiful and very lonely

I suddenly woke up and was horrified,

He’s a Mama’s syno-o-okay …”

Every girl at least once in a lifetime encounter with this problem. It’s not even the problem — it’s a huge OOPS!

Blame, unfortunately, in this “misunderstanding” is not only the boys but also their parents, and in particular, mother. Unfortunately or fortunately, I don’t know how to say! The honorary title of – ” sissy “, is closely combined with a negative character trait — boorishness.

Get this “the honorary title of a sissy” boys who grow up in single-parent families or the education of his son lay on the shoulders of mom and dad was uncomfortable (uncomfortable, because differently it is impossible to say, any normal man before you have kids, you should care not only about the financial support of his family, but also about the education of his child) to child-rearing.

Alternatively, the head of the family was a woman, so to say the General, and the man only agreed with all her whims.

Upbringing upbringing, and his mind and character must be present. So to shift the blame on the mother, too, is not correct.

How to distinguish a sissy in his manners, behavior and way of communicating?!

So, here we go:

If a guy tells you how much he loves mom – nastroiki! This is the first sign (but not the fact);

He invited you on a date! – Check it! Look how he behaves in different situations:

(a) if a guy leads you to the Park, it’s certainly not a fountain, but all is not lost. It all depends on his finances (sometimes a normal guy, but at the moment there is no financial opportunity to invite you to another place). It is important, he will offer you something to eat or drink. Generally ask whether he is hungry or not. If there is a bummer.

b) If you go into a restaurant, give him the opportunity to showcase their talents. Look at what he offers you to choose from the menu which is very important, as it will pay off. If the guy did not leave a tip to the waiter – he’s a redneck.

C) If a guy says he’s easier to communicate with girls and most of my friends his girl — he’s a Mama’s boy.

g) If a guy says that he has no friends, and only friends, he trusts no one except his parents — he’s a Mama’s boy.

This “phenomenon” – as a rule, is still a virgin.

“And finally I say…” – You never get along with his mother. You will always be a competitor! Always, under any circumstances! He is a creation of the Lord, and you are nothing!

When relationships get the status – “serious”! To male demands increase. His responsibilities already included, not only to surprise you and to please, but also to take care of you.

You invite a guy to her house. The first thing that needs to offer normal people is to buy something, or rather not even ask and just buy.

I was one such example:

We went out with a guy near the pond, picking flowers, sitting on the Bank, talking about stupid things (as is the case in the initial stages of a relationship). And all is good, but I was hungry, since that date was after labor day. I was told to go back already, because I want to eat. Guy I of course didn’t understand and offered to come to my home so I ate says: “you Got the dumplings to eat, you eat!” (at the time, my finances were a small problem and in the fridge were some dumplings…and then only slightly). I was ashamed to admit that I have problems with finances and ashamed that I can’t buy anything. And informed him that there them a little bit, for two people is not enough. A normal guy would say that now we will buy. But my, he excelled! His phenomenal the phrase I threw just a SHOCK! Beloved said I’ll see how I’ll eat.

You know, I didn’t get it, and had to run for the hills! Such jerks still need to search!

You are going on a hike with the company. Naturally, waste should bear the man.

The example on this occasion, too!

Me and my girlfriend, decided to organize their men on a hike with a tent. What came out of it, better not to remember, but will tell you a secret. Gathered, organized, all decided. Just had to buy products in the store. Go we, therefore, in the supermarket, we collect all we might need, and come up to the counter. Time to pay, of course the amount is equally divided by two. Husband girlfriend gets the money, but as always excelled. Don’t question it, he got it, but the money from his hands barely pulled out. I was so ashamed.

When you go to the store together, watch how he responds. The goons always take the surrender of a penny.

Favorite person who truly cares and is worried about you, always ask if you got the money (for travel, life, etc.).

A good example would be my experience, which I hope will save you from such “misunderstandings walking”.

I studied at the Institute and paid for it myself, of course I worked. On the neck of the guy is not hung. But when I found myself without work, everything fell into place. Winter is crazy cold. No work on the nose session. I panic, what to do? The guy don’t want to strain too poor beats, most do not have enough money. But the session came. To go to College need. I had no choice and I turned to her boyfriend for help. Asked a couple of times the money to travel (amounts were not large). The first time he gave me money and said nothing, but on the second “Gotska hell” made itself felt. That moment, I never in my life forget. My “favorite” the man replied, “You’re an actress, who lives at my expense”.

Sissy is very selfish. Typically, this is one child in the family. And of course, mother is a miracle petted and cherished. Making conclusions from this, it can be argued that if he, God forbid, not enough money, he’s never going to earn some money to his girlfriend or family was good.

Whole life it will sit like a calf, until he kick in the ass will not. And it is not certain that a kick will serve him, moving forward.

As my boyfriend: “I was happy with everything, I’m so profitable. To earn money I will not go. If you miss, go podrabati”. “I’m going to the gym and I want to relax after work….”

I believe that a man has no right to say so. It’s not men’s words. It is not a man.

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