At the head of the kindergarten took adopted son

And his brother she was returned to the orphanage because he was sick

In the village of Troitsk, Kungur district, Perm region) tragedy Gleb Ageeva – kid from the suburbs. who are bullied foster father is a banker and mother, is not discussed and not followed its turbulent UPS and downs. In Troitsk its tragedy: the head of the local kindergarten Inna Smetanina took adopted son is 9-year-old Seryozha. He began to come to school with bruises. Found – dam with the thrash folder. And they didn’t deny it, unlike Moscow bankers.

– Raising the boy Smetanina worked on the following principle: dirty – get! – tells the interrogator Kungur MIA Veronica Melnikova. – Parents admitted on two occasions. The boy threw a pair of muddy boots in the hallway – father slapped a slap that left a bruise. Another time when mother saw footprints on the floor from dirty wet socks. grabbed a plastic bucket and leave them boy. So much so that the handle of the bucket fell off. She grabbed the metal and continued to beat them!

Photo: Inna Smetanina for wet and dirty clothes to beat adopted son.

“Not going home – again!”

Smetanina took brothers-orphans Sergei and Sasha in 2004. They have three children – sons 13 and 15 years old and 6-year-old daughter. Neighbors gossiped: why else? Evil tongues asserted, saying that for the money, provided to foster families. Smetanina to such gossip was not paying attention.

Seven months later, the mother brought the older brother of Sasha (he was seven years old) back to the shelter. The boy turned out to be. Smetanina shocked epilepsy Sasha. They were warned that he was sick, but when they saw with their eyes.

– I will not answer, said the Smets – senior, guard in kindergarten.

The same earring caught on, began to call foster parents mom and dad.

And recently a boy was coming to school with bruises.

– He said his folder Beal – scratches his head sidekick Sergei Sasha. And older brothers.

– I conducted a survey of “Punishment and reward” to the parent meeting, says the class teacher Serezha Larissa Dul’tseva. – There was a question: “are You hurt?” Serge wrote: “Yes. And lots of times.”

– Seryozha went to my classes, says speech therapist Tatiana Bezmaternykh. Under ear the bruise, then behind the ear. I Smetanina asked where. She said, dropped the boy, restless. And I whispered: “Again I never beat.” In the garden it’s fun and nimble was. And now – terrified, shaking. Recently I picked him up from school by car. Sergei said, “not going Home until I water from his boots will not be poured”. Pours and cries: “Again!”

Tatyana took him to the district. The alumni of the orphanage, she could not resist, when newly 9-year-old boy once again came running to her in tears and bruises. A policeman on a couple of with the medical assistant recorded the beating.

Photo: the new family Seryozha (center) and Sasha (right) happy together with her mother Natalia Paderina.

Serge told mom he was hit with a scoop that would not obey, – said the paramedic Elena Sidorova. – On the thigh had a bruise on my forehead and on the arms: this is it leg closed.

Sergei immediately took from Smetanina. In the orphanage, fortunately he was not hit. It took Paderina – this family in a neighboring village educates brother Serezha Sasha (the one who has been abandoned Smetanina).

– The other day we received a call from care: “could you take him?” – says Natalia Paderina. And brought him to us. Sasha crazy from happiness went! We have the condition: will be good – take brother. So he raced home after school and whatever you say, implicitly did.

Stained new pants – get

I don’t know how it happened, – Inna Smetanina tells us his story. – Just boiling. We are after all, why take him? The daughter asked: “Mom, I don’t have anyone to play with”. Little he was not like this. And now all to the detriment of doing. Itself realizes, even cried: “Mom, I’m sorry that I’m such a brat”. He boots full of water and snow brought. He bought new sweat pants and sneakers. Dressed – he came again raw, dirty. I could not resist, beat him.

– And the fact that older kids beat him, – hex, – continues to defend the head. – They haven’t beaten. If it’s on the road and plays, they Podkovyrov foot: “Get outta my way!”. A beat-then what?

By the way, a year and a half ago, Sergei wanted to take from Smetannik is in the social services received an anonymous call: a boy walks in bruises.

– But he clung to the mother, that his beat – denied, – says head of Department for protection of children’s rights, Kungur district, Tamara Kochergina. – Half-villages and walkers came to us with a letter saying, Inna good and decent. On two pages of signatures were standing.

– In this family was visited by the social workers to check how the lives of foster boy?

– Yes, once in six months, according to the law, replies Tamara Kochergina. – Dressed, shod, fed, decent parents.

The police, Kungur district, Inna and Alexandra Smetanina opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 116 of the Russian Criminal code (“Beating”). The maximum penalty is a fine of 40 thousand roubles or arrest for 3 months.


“We have the roof flows – give the child”

All’s well that ends well. Two brothers live together, with a loving mother, who is not afraid of epileptic seizures and dirty boots kids.

But that does not make the problem of adoption of children less sharp.

– There were cases when people came to the ward and spoke openly: “we Have in the house the roof is leaking, need to repair, no money. Let the children!” – tells the chief of Department on protection of the rights of children, Kungur district, Tamara Kochergina.

Consider. A single benefit for a foster child – 9200 rubles. Plus every month – about 8 thousand. Two children – 16 thousand.

We’ve learned that every case of abuse of a Russian child abroad is becoming megagram. Took our children and torturing! And how to treat children in some Russian adoptive families?

Yeah, great now take children from orphanages. The majority of adoptive parents of Prikamye really cope with their responsibilities. But if there are such Serezha bruised, maybe need to change something? Social workers say, they say, the villages do not run over to check on how the child lives. There are rules – visit every six months, and they are executed. Strange rules. Maybe with them to begin with?

Who knows how many more such cases will be found, if you dig a little deeper?


Adoptee beat for a loaf of bread


One more criminal case over battered foster child brought to the police station Karagay.

14-year-old Ruslan parents flogged for what he brought home a loaf of bread. Hungry boy ate it on the way.

After the execution Ruslan ran away from home. The police found him, when the boy went for a walk 18 km from the village. To the question: “Where are you going?” the child replied: “I don’t know, he just would not back.”

– Body co St CA we recorded bruises around the neck and back, – told ” KP ” the senior inspector of division on Affairs of minors OVD on Karagay municipal district Olga Teploukhova. – Criminal case under item 116 of the criminal code (“Beating”). Ruslan and three foster children in that family have taken to social rehabilitation center.

– The fact that the guys in the family are malnourished, it was evident, told us in school, where children learn. – They are always in the dining room ran for more, soup for two servings eaten.

The details of the story in future editions of “KP”.

About Seryozha tell the speech therapist and classroom teacher

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