I was really happy about graduating from college finally. I had spent five years there since I missed two semesters due to an accident, but it felt like I had spent half my life earning my degree. My parents came to my graduation ceremony, and I was really surprised when we went to dinner. I figured we would, but I wasn’t expecting to take a Paradise Toronto limo to get there. I also was not expecting my two brothers and their families to be there as well. It was nice having my family with me though because this was such a major accomplishment to me.

When my parents started walking toward the limo after the ceremony, I just figured their car was parked close to it. When the doors opened though and the rest of my family started pouring out of it, I was so excited. We were limited to two tickets per graduate, so I just didn’t think I would see anyone there other than my parents. I don’t know what surprised me more though, seeing all of them or having them come out of a limo.

My parents hugged me tight and told me how proud of me they were. My brothers, their wives and their children all did the same, so it was about 20 minutes before we even got in the limo to go out to dinner. It was the first time I had ever been in one, and to say it was amazing would be such an understatement. I sat between my mom and dad, and those of us of age had a glass of champagne to celebrate no more school for me. That night meant so much to me, that everyone would come out and help me celebrate such a milestone. Now, I am starting on my next life goal!