9 commandments of raising a child.

How to raise a child independent personality, extraordinary, purposeful and holistic just? Education of child labour continuous and very complex. Having two sons eight and ten years old, I regularly look for different information on this topic.

All parents and educators know that a child learn best from someone else’s example. First and foremost, such as the parents themselves. That is, if the father says to the son: “My hands before eating”, and he comes home from work, don’t do this, no matter how much the baby is not scolded, he will always have a subconscious desire to do as a father. There is a conflict in the education – mismatch between requested and actual. And this disparity will lead to misunderstanding and resistance.

Of course, each family has their own ideas about parenting. But interesting to see what practices exist in education. Recently read the nine commandments of raising a child from the “Home encyclopedia”. It’s pretty interesting thoughts, I suggest you to pay attention to them.

9 commandments of raising a child. A note to parents

1. Don’t expect your child to be like you. Or – as you want. Education should help him not become you, and themselves.

2. Do not ask the child to pay for everything you do for him: you gave him life, how can he repay you? He will give life to another, one – third: this is an irreversible law of gratitude.

3. In the process of education don’t take it out on the child their grievances to old age is not bitter bread, because what you sow, so shall ascend.

4. Not treat it problems down the burden of life is given to everyone on forces, and, to be sure, his heavy him no less than you do yours. And maybe more. Because he has no habits.

5. Do not involve in the process of education.

6. Don’t torture yourself, if you can’t something be done for their child, torture, and if you can’t do that.

7. Remember – done enough for the child, if not everything done. It is an essential law of education!

8. Learn to love someone else’s child. Never do a stranger that would not want others to do it your way.

9. Love your child any: not talented, unsuccessful, adults talking to him, rejoice, because the child is a holiday, which is still with you.

You can make this conclusion: children are born not only to we raised them, and so they raised us. In order to make their child better, a good parent has to become better. This is a basic tenet of parenting!

But on what basis rests the upbringing of a child in your family?

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